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Mar 2015
what if i let you down
like how i let myself down?
what if i stay quiet
for the rest of my life
and only talk when
my words are truly needed?
what if i leave?
what if i throw these
irrelevant emotions away?
all this time,
i thought i was strong.
all this time,
i thought i wasn’t fragile.
all this time, i believed
that there’s more to
life than being sad but
what if you’re life
was meant to be sad?
i am a sad song
the sad song who no one
appreciates because it’s
too sad for people.
i am a storm.
a category ten storm
because i scare people
away and leave destruction
because i am destruction.
i am a war hero.
the noblest war hero that there
ever was.
the hero who is always
forgotten and only
remembered when i
should be remembered.
there is no chance
for me to get out of
this labyrinth called life.
there is no chance
for me to achieve pure
to achieve nirvana.
because how can i
achieve pure happiness
if my life was
meant to be sad?
i am on the verge
of letting go but
like the waves that
are crashing on the shore,
i keep coming back
for more

i'm sorry mom
Written by
jay  F/chicago
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