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May 2011
Darkness is everywhere.
In how we look, in what we wear, in the expressions of our face, in what we see, in what we perceive.
There is always black, not just any black but a blackness that only you would see if you were in a box where the walls were just an inch from you on all sides, you can't feel them but you know they are there.
They aren't closing in because they've come so close that anymore and they would end anything and everything you have ever known and will know.
But with all the surrounding darkness there is always that pinhole ray of light that you can see, just right in front of you.
Even if it's the smallest beam of light you've ever seen, still the beam breaks through the mass thickness of the dark that the light still radiates a speck upon you.
All you need is to dig deep, deep inside, for that one tool, that one moment, that one instance, to grab that hole, and rip, tear into it, expand it into a vast portal in which all you need to do at that point is take one step, make one move, until you enter the array of white and bright.
And find yourself in an existence of peace, tranquility, and happiness that you never thought there was or that you could ever attain.
It is always there.
It is true, seek and you shall find.
Written by
Larry Scott
   Pure LOVE and Georgiana S
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