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Feb 2015
Wild grapes grow on vines
From the trees next to the Fields
A bunch of us harvested the yield
Purple fingered in buckets

A Galvanized Antique
Wash Tub on Wheels
With the Hose at the Bottom
Filled up with The Make

A log of Firewood was used
To smash the grapes to pulp
As the Juice Drained out
Collecting in a  Bucket

Pounding the pulp up
Taking Turns, Arms Ached
In the Back Yard, Sun Baked
As we plied our Log to Make

In the Kitchen 20 Lbs of Sugar
And gallons of Water Boiled
Watched and Stirring Constantly
Till the Syrup Batch Roiled

A 50 Gallon Oak Wine Keg
Prepared a Wooden Peg
A Hole drilled through
Coiled copper Pipe put to...

An ancient wooden Spigot
Gently tapped into place
The warm Syrup is poured
Yeast Added and then Grape

The Plug with the copper Pipe
Tapped into the Top of the keg
Coiled up Copper Stretches Down
To water, in a Redwing Crock

Halloween party we
Tapped some pitchers
A Light and fruity Vin
Sweet Pallette of wine

Christmas we Tapped
Merry Pitchers to toast
A Fine Full bodied Note
It made a Merry toast

For New Years we
Tapped the Last
The Marc of Dregs
Potent as Sweet Sherry

The Winter Wine
Tasted Fine
With Merry Toasts
For a Good Time
A biker buddy and my friends Harvested off the Top of Tractor Cabs to reach the Sweetest Vines, a memorable time
Written by
ShamusDeyo  MPLS MN
(MPLS MN)   
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