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Feb 2015
Why oh why do you keep your head buried in your hands
Let the tears stain your clothes and face
Over a harmless act they define as unacceptable
Raise your head up out of the dirt
Wipe the tears away
You, darling, are a person
A human
Made up of love and music and beauty
Yes, there will be mistakes
But there are second chances and do overs
Let tomorrow be a new slate
A fresh canvas
Ready for you to make the art you were always meant to create
Dear friend, you are capable of more than you give yourself credit for
So let tomorrow worry about itself
And do not worry about yesterday’s mistakes
For they will not matter in the long run
Give all the love you have
Lend your hands, your ears, your heart, your time
Allow yourself to make mistakes
You need not achieve perfection in order to love others
You need not achieve perfection in order to love yourself
Rachel Morris
Written by
Rachel Morris  Broken Arrow
(Broken Arrow)   
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