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Feb 2015
I state myself as gay, to find love of the same type.
But one girl destroyed me, equipped me with the knife.
She said she loved me, I held her dear.
She cheated on me one summer, the end was obviously near.
I would forgive her, five times more.
Friends of mine telling me."Dude, don't deal with that *****!"
Did I listen? No. My heart would weep and I would cry.
I kept going back to her, so? I had to give it One. More. Try.
Until one day."I found someone new." My wrist began to bleed."I'm so done with you."
Her parents didn't like me.
I was a lost cause.
At the time, I didn't have a god.
I'm still lost, I love her I do.
I can't have, she doesn't want me, I am still so blue.
So I say.....
**I'm lost without her, a mouth without wings.
Quentin House
Written by
Quentin House  Willard, MO.
(Willard, MO.)   
   Gunnyr Johnson
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