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Feb 2015
My mouth is filled with cotton *****
And my body has turned to aged stone.
You ******* put me on a respirator
And then pulled the ******* plug.

I saw you in my dreams
Kissing girls that were not me
But I received a phone call
Saying the exact same thing

I couldn't fall asleep
Not when you're in the bed with her.
and you just said you loved me
Last ******* Sunday

My insides are filling themselves with cement
But I'm still shaking as if in negative degree weather
But I can't change your drug soaked mind
Because your brain is in the **** jar and you really don’t give a ****

I'm not one to let things go
But this **** will never make your skin crawl
You and her are ******* under my skin
******* for not freaking giving a heck
Written by
       Nicole, --- and South by Southwest
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