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Jan 2015
As he steps through the door I feel her, lurking in the shadows.
As he bangs his keys on my table, the jingle is the musical notes to her laugh.
When he calls "Hey baby" I feel her rolling off his tongue and splattering in on my walls.
I set his cold dinner down and stare at his shoes, I can see her in his step, the way he leans to kiss me.
She's in his bones, seeped into his lips, he's forming his lips for a set too big to be mine.
He sits and talks about his day but his eyes are bright, he's got stars on his palms.
She's branded him, I see him intertwining our hands rubbing my knuckles but I feel her there. She's holding on, not letting go.
You haven't left her yet but I know you won't.
She's not the only one in this war, holding you, pleading for one more night.
You've touched a galaxy, when I was only a star.
Heaven Dawn
Written by
Heaven Dawn
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