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Mar 2011
Don't tell me through texts,

Don't tell me in letters,

I want to hear your voice tell me

Through wind,light,sky, and stars.

A gift belongs to a dream..

Not me.

Has anyone ever told you..

That you are are their hero..

Their lover...

Their gift that belongs to a dream?

I won't share you

With the deep, blue sea..

I wanna hear you singing to me through my subconscious mind.

Tell me everything I wanna hear.



I'm not like anyone else..

I'm not as pretty as I look.

Maybe my personality could use some editing.

I won't share you with any other girl

You will be here in my dreams..

For you were gifted to me...

Through my dreams..

You're a gift that belongs to a dream..

And that dream belongs to..


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