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Jan 2015
There's a girl,
Who looks at life with such a sad expression.
She'll never let anyone look straight into her Emerald green eye's,
Cause all you'll see is her past,present, and future.
Her past holds her heart on a fish hook, cause he promised and lied.
Her present shows she's been playing the violin, except her arm is the violin and the bow is a razor.
Her future shows her six feet under.
She sheds so many tears for her pain,
The hurting consumes her little body.
She thinks about it all.
All the memories flood back at once.
She shivers and whimpers with the tears the tears staining her cheeka once more.
She looks at her reflection,
Her eye's are glowing a beautiful green.
The young girl smiles a sadistic grin into the mirror as more tears stain her pretty little face.
She whimpers one last time, then all you hear is a loud bang.
The poor girl lays lifeless on her floor, with a smile on her face and a slit across her throat.
She was only 17, but the world was to heavy for her shoulders to handle.
Written by
LetTheOceanTakeMe  Henderson
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