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Jan 2015
let's go fishing
with each others
cans of worms,
trading off,
like a game,
explaining each
as they attract a bite;
let's see who wins first,
you challenged,
and i agreed.
my first catch:
my family's constant
biting at my heels,
insisting for the
version of myself
as I explain to them
"as soon as I reach Utopia,
it is no longer Utopia."
the demon eating away
at your lungs and
shaped like burning tobacco
in a cylindrical prison;
you cough up burnt bills,
bank accounts, family pictures
(your future ones) in pain.
a gnawing in my stomach,
constant and demanding,
and addiction to be craved
by shaking fingers
scratching backs of throats,
tinged fiery,
tinged fatally;
black spots in peripheral.
tiny teeth up and down
your arms and legs
eyes to the brain
head to the sky
thoughts to the blank spots
of the universe
your addiction that curses mine
and maintains better.
eyes dull
mind dull
hands dull
feet dull
mouth dull
life dull
i've stared at you blankly for months
and all you can do is stare blankly back
a monster is tearing you up inside
the dullness is fighting
but so is the fire
we mingle
we dance
we tumble into the fishing pond
and drown?

we could not breathe above
yet we cannot breath below
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