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Dec 2014
What's wrong with me?
What makes me so undisirable?
Is it the way I put your needs before my own?
Or the way that I care about how your feeling?
Maybe it's the way I try to make you happy?
Because no matter what I do you don't want me.
No matter what I do I'm not good enough.
So I constantly try to fix myself.
Turn into someone worthy enough of your attention.
Am I nice enough?
Maybe I need a better sense of humor?
How can I make my body more attractive?
Guys like girls who are ****,
How can I be more ****?
And no matter what I try to fix it never seems to work,
But maybe that's because I'm not the one that's broken.
Sarah DeeSarah
Written by
Sarah DeeSarah  Chicago
   Weeping willow
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