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Nov 2018 · 84
Ash Nov 2018
we were together on the rooftop
sharing the same skies
gazing the beautiful sunset together
seeing the clouds marching towards the sun

as the sun is going down through the clouds
as the breeze passes through us
we were sharing things about life
i was happy for that moment.

you said you are the sun
but why you burns me instead of shine for me ?
Sep 2018 · 190
Ash Sep 2018
the damage has done
shattered into pieces
nothing left only tears
and memories
gasping for help
Jan 2018 · 710
Ash Jan 2018
Where did you go ?
I thought we last forever
Where did I go ?
I was sinking through the leather
I need you back
Dec 2017 · 115
Ash Dec 2017
As you believe that everything will fall to its place
So I do
I believe that you'll come back one day
and realize that
I'm madly, deeply in love with you
I believe that in the deepest part of my soul that
No matter what challenges might carry us apart
We will always find our way back to each other.
Nov 2017 · 91
Ash Nov 2017
I've tried to moved on
I've tried to let everything slide
I've cried and I hope that It'll be my last tears
But with all those things that I've tried to let go
Keep coming back to me.
Nov 2017 · 664
Home ?
Ash Nov 2017
I was your shelter
Where you can rest placidly and peacefully without having any doubt
Where you can complain everything that happening in this world
Where you can express your feelings
Where you can rest your head on my chest
and feel my heartbeat that sounds like your name

I realized it was only for awhile
The joy, tears and happiness we have shared together
Those days are now gone
And I'm alone again like an abandoned shelter
Empty inside but filled with memories
Waiting for someone who is worth it
To clean up the mess and make it like home again
Just like the way you did before.
Oct 2017 · 109
Ash Oct 2017
I was lost
Until you showed me way back home
Into your warm and strong arms.
Oct 2017 · 690
3:04 am thoughts
Ash Oct 2017
Its you again, yes you
I couldnt stop myself from thinking about you
Its just like drug, so addicting
But slowly the addiction kills me
Its kills my soul
The way it took my soul was so painful
It ripped my chest and I can't stop the bleeding.
In the end, no matter how hard I try to forget you
It was always you who heal myself
I dont even know how it heals me back
But I feel like the black and white as we recall in our dream
Has color again.

I feel like whenever im so tired because of my sleepless night thinking about you
Has courage again to wake up and be energetic for the whole day.

Yes its you and It will always you
Who can heal my naked soul
That is craving for you.
Oct 2017 · 125
Ash Oct 2017
It may be in pieces
But I have gave you the best part of me.
Just like river
I'll go with the flow
Whatever comes, let it come.
But I'm not sure
If I could ever love again
Just like I loved you before.

I'm sorry if I wasn't enough
I'm sorry if I'm not perfect
but its me
Myself and I
who give the the best
for us
Oct 2017 · 169
Ash Oct 2017
Out of your curves and your body
I'd still choose to fall for your eyes
Cause I know as we are getting older
We aren't getting more beautiful than we were before.
but eyes won't get old
for me.
Oct 2017 · 103
Ash Oct 2017
Here I am again
I've tried to express my feelings through writing
but I just don't know what to write
My mind is a mess, chaos and calm
Created by you.
Oct 2017 · 126
Ash Oct 2017
You planned
I planned
We planned


God is the best planner.
Oct 2017 · 190
Ash Oct 2017
Since you can't take me with you
Take the memories we have made and cherish it as I will always will.
Distance between us does not matter at all
As long as I still love you
I will always remember the tears and joy
That we have shared together
and if we aren't meant to be together in this world
I'll be yours in another life.
uhm i just dont know. any suggestion about this you can comment. hope itll be helpful.
Oct 2017 · 95
Ash Oct 2017
You always say that you're not good enough
But little do you know
You've always been more than enough
and always will be
Oct 2017 · 91
Ash Oct 2017
It hurt so much but
Again, what is love if it is painless ?
Oct 2017 · 90
Ash Oct 2017
Please remember me when we are leaving each other
Please don't forget me
Please remember all of our memories and tears that make us together before
How long will you love me ?
Oct 2017 · 83
Ash Oct 2017
I had a dream
you were hugging me and spinning me around
You're giggling and I'm laughing
Oct 2017 · 82
You & me
Ash Oct 2017
Everything last longer
When I'm with you
Including us.
Oct 2017 · 81
Ash Oct 2017
I take a deep breath every time I close my eyes.
Imagine that you're no longer with me.
Tears fall,
Oct 2017 · 85
Without you
Ash Oct 2017
I can't see you
But I know you're here with me
Inside my heart
and peacefully
and always
Oct 2017 · 94
Ash Oct 2017
You left
I stayed
and you remain
Oct 2017 · 88
Ash Oct 2017
When the night comes
I'll be on my own
To the warzone
To have battle against my own thoughts
That keep circling to you
Oct 2017 · 89
Ash Oct 2017
I won't judge you for how you choose to heal yourself

because when you heal

I hope I am around to see it.

I'm sorry

I'm so late.
Oct 2017 · 107
Ash Oct 2017
I'll be the last shadow walking

Your side of street

I'll be a stranger talking

Eyes you won't meet

I'll be a distance waving with no face to wear

And a smile left fading unaware
Oct 2017 · 81
Ash Oct 2017
Wounds getting better

Life's getting harder.
Oct 2017 · 90
Ash Oct 2017
All the time

When I felt

That she could love me back

My flower blooms

Now its left eaten by insects

Can't believe it's over

Can I just be normal ?

What should I do ?

Seeing her from afar warms my heart.

I only want you

inspired by bros, shameer.
Oct 2017 · 99
Ash Oct 2017
How many cigarettes did you smoke today

Hoping it will accompany you to relieve

All those weights that the world tries to bring you down

But you didn't realize that

It will **** you


and painfully.

— The End —