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Peter B Oct 2014
An evil glance
Left me with no chance
To sing or dance
And put me in a trance

An evil glare
Left me there
An evil stare
Left me with no-one to care
Happy Halloween !
Peter B Oct 2014
E--Is for ever lasting love
V--Is for victory at the games you loved Bingo, Canasta, Pitch, and Yatzee
E--Is for everything you wanted
L--Is for the love of friends and family
Y--Is for yearning to learn more in life
N--Is for the no-nonsense look you had at life!
This is dedicated to my Aunt that passed away in 1987 from a brain tumor she was 65!
Peter B Oct 2014
As I daydream
About a calm stream
You can go fishing
Or keep people wishing
About love
Or a beautiful dove
Rise above
Watch it fly
With your eye
Don't tear up and cry!
Also a contest about day dreams
Peter B Oct 2014
The "Wonderful"waterfall"spills"upon the "wet" rocks
"Her" heartbeat is like the "morning dew" in a "shower"
Soulful eyes "glistening"remined me of the "sea" upon the "rocks!"
This was a contest prompt on another site to fill in words in the empty spaces and it had to be 3 lines from a 12 line poem so I chose 1st 3 lines!
Peter B Oct 2014
There was a gal named Mandy
Who met a guy named Andy
Who was quite handy
He offered her some candy
Which made her quite randy
On a beach that was quite sandy
Then he had a Jim Dandy!
Someone asked if I could rhyme all these words into story form Mandy, candy, dandy, Andy, sandy, handy,randy, and it comes out like a lymeric type of poem!
Peter B Oct 2014
There was a gal named Gail
Who claimed she never fail
But one day she had to hail
That she was in jail
She asked if I could come up with the bail
I said the check is in the mail!
everything that rhymes with mail and into a story as well
Peter B Oct 2014
There's trick or treat at the zoo
What can you get for me and you?
Animals can make you smile
For a long time or just for awhile
You can see monkey's swing from trees
But don't go catching any of their fleas
As you trick or treat at the zoo
Don't come home with a bag of poo!
There was a news story about trick or treating at the zoo which inspired my funny bone!
And for kids of all ages!
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