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starving in depression
hungry for the mania
all these shrieks and screams
sinking in schizophrenia
nah it's just voices in my head
It's just teen age angst instead
sitting in the middle of cold showers
******* to feel fed
up with these times
every single thing I do is like a small crime
It's like a record but for lonely people
in a secret app post secrets in secret places to secret people
anonymous it might be but only *** I see
it's only *** and ******* these days
and videos of suicide in freaky ways

There might be salvation
to this starvation
of *** and money, alcohol and ****
Dairy queen and Acid mothers
who bothers?
corpses all around me
cleansed of all that is
good and evil
no longer exists
we're alone to walk this earth
with nothing but fists
held high

a desperate cry for justice
turn around the page
for a blank new start

this is the time
the world is ours
to change
the future is strange
but holds great secrets
a pandora box
this is it
this is
the new order
get a job
get a wife
get a purpose in life

I keep searching the maze in my mind
morality, sanity
be kind,
to the days when I had no one
and I made it all by myself

but now it feels all empty again
studying, working,
drinking, smoking
and what is it worth for?

only the future holds the truth
unveil it like a dress
and see
everything's a mess.
the clouds
they hover
over me
i wonder
if my doings will stay

deep blue
crystal clear
i can't keep on
living in fear

all I have are cigarette burns
scars on my arms
and broken bones

I am sorry
but I have nothing left
to give to you
go on and be
who you are supposed to

because I'll stay
זה מוקדש לכל הנוער האבוד שאוהב להתמרמר

Accept the love you're given
Because it's the only love you'll ever have

Depression is no longer aggression
It becomes routine and order
new world disorder

I know how it feels
See the scars I bear
Listen to the struggles I'll share
I've been there
and will always be
so lift your head up
and listen to me

It's time to learn from mistakes
even when the whole world's at stake
forever life changing decisions
to make

It's okay
just embrace the love
warm in your heart
put your hands up high
and scream
in victory
Self emotional abuse
It's I against I and it is I who will lose
in this game there are no rules
Just loss and confusion, a game of fools

As my shields break
I break down on my knees
nervous breakdown that is
no mercy no pleas

Dazed, hazed, and confused
rip my heart out and throw it to the sky
launch a rocket and make the country cry
make us free give us life
cut my life with a knife for victory I thrive

My end is my victory
my end is my loss
look down in shame
look up in pride

I don't want to die
urge to slit to destroy to ****
all these empty voids i need to fill
missing these emotions i used to feel
weird sensation in the dead cells
a fallen god of death
fall from grace
tear down your face
smear it all over the place
i bathe in it
your blood
be mine

it's your time to shine, baby
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