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The days go by
the nights are empty

6 apples and two oranges?
give me records and maybe
I'll be happy

Materialism makes me smile
And I just want more and more
give me money give me records
give me drugs give me drums
give me girls give me knives

give me fish,  everything! I want all!
yes, all!

In the end I'll just probably **** myself before I reach thirty
disatisfactions guaranteed
release me
from these barb wires
I'm just the messenger
it's not my fault you see?
I am a simple man delivering
these words carving a prophecy
scars on my flesh
screen the visions of the end of days
not just a phase
of darkness and dawn of light
oh no,
it's the extinction of all
from dust you came and to dust you'll return
in hellfire this world will burn

I'll take you all with me
the whole ******* world with me
I bear the pain and shame of this country upon me
I am the ******* son of your political fiasco
I am the ****** spawn of your corruption
I am the outcome of your broken morals, broken culture and dead end future

I carry the weight of this world's mistakes
Atlas ain't got **** on me
I'll slit his throat like I slit my wrists
Because I can't even feel anymore
My legs shaking
Heart rapidly beating
I cant breath
A chokehold of broken hopes
Barren earths
Shattered hearts
World of fears
Fountain of tears

And I drink from it with my bruised hands as if the water is a potion of life and youth, feeling it run down my throat with pleasure... and I  ***** blood and contaminate the water forever, for all the people around me are inferior, and the supreme have already gone to higher spiritual spaces. I am here to stay, to take the beating, to hug the suffering and to embrace death as my companion, my long lost friend.
How can a person suffocate from the simple act of breathing?
How can a person in a "free democracy" get killed by the simple act freedom of speech?

How can we as a society reach different cultures and remain racist and violent?
You call this culture?
Living like vultures, stray dogs with no ideologies

We are not destroying Mother Nature
We're destroying ourselves
And alone she will remain
Knowing that we were the worst
A room of my own
A new kind of sanctuary
A new kind of loneliness
An old memory of a shattered childhood

Abandoned feelings in the past
Black out
I told everyone about it
Eventually I'm disappointed
In myself.

I need to shut my mouth
No one needs to hear my problems
my passion
I'm eager to tell everyone everything I love everyone everything
But it'll be better If I'll close myself in my cage
Life is not a big diary and friends are not my psychologist

I find it weird that I'm not sad that she said no
It's a loss and it feels like a miss
But no reason to get angry and diss

It's ok bro, no hard feelings, see you today, hope things are okay
I still like you
But I'm okay
I guess.
Dead inside
Lost our feelings lost our souls
Eat rotten corpses like disintegrating crows

Gaia is tortured and *****
Mother earth's desecrated womb
Locked butterflies in a tomb
free world for the dead

We are pests in a planet not even our own
Doomed to eternal depression,
Kings of chaos, a royal crown of a dove's corpse
Peace? you'll find that in Hell.

Barren hopes for broken futures
Sacrifical youths to fake idols
Morals drowned in a well
Dead hearts locked in our own decaying cell

Barren hopes
for broken futures
pests in a planet that is not even our own
no dove with an olive branch
no gods no masters no life just caskets.

I'll stay gold.
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