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I’m your marionette
You pull my strings
With all the force you like.
My head will nod
My feet will trod
Whichever way you like.
My body lies
In your control
Just the way you like.

- p. winter
“Always give credit where credit is due
Always to others but never to you”

“You’re allowed to feel proud”

“But that’s vain to do”

“My dear, it’s not vain if it’s proven true”

- p. winter
My dad keeps trying to teach me its ok to be proud of yourself and still be humble at the same time
You can gain a lot in a year.
Enough to hide what once was
Or once wasn’t
On display.
But never enough to
Eliminate what always has been
And always will be
Hidden in the crevices.

- p. winter
This body
Has been with me
For as long as I have lived

Why must it
Betray me so

- p. winter
Please, no
Not another dinner missed
Not another envied model
Not another pitcher of tears

It was so good
I was so good
It creeps
Back to me

Please, no
Not another hour spent
Just staring
In the mirror

It went so well
I was so well
It slinks
Back to me

Please, no
Not another skeletal reflection
Not another angry scale
Don’t make me hate
The world again

It was fine
I was fine
It always finds its way
Back to me

- p. winter
I remember the period
Of rich, suffocating gloom
That I've written of
Millions of times before.
But more than that
I remember when
Flowers bloomed
And I laughed for the first time
In two months.
I wish I could remember
What was so funny
Or with whom I was so content.
But I remember
That the feeling
Inside of me
Was dangerously wonderful.
So I promised
Right then
To never go a day
Without a giggle
Or two

- p. winter
I lowered my standards for you.
Not because you were anything less than wonderful,
But because I used my fear of imperfection
As an excuse to protect my heart.
But you, and your imperfections,
Are perfect to me.
- p. winter
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