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Penelope Winter Apr 2022
a sadness so sudden
the singer is silent
the poet is speechless
the dancer is still

- p. winter
Penelope Winter Apr 2022
the desert whispers…

water, at last, in my reach!

all mirages fade.

- p. winter
Penelope Winter Apr 2022
My father was “always there”, but only as an executive. And only when necessary.
He was not one to show up in the audience,
Or to make plans we could bond over,
Or to reach out when we were apart.
My father always “cared for me”, but only silently. And only as much as necessary.
He was not one to be vulnerable,
Or to ask for support,
Or to give it.
My relationship with my father was built on assumption and disappointment.
I assumed he cared for me to some extent, as a father should,
He assumed that I assumed as much, as a desperate daughter would.
We disappointed each other and called it relationship.
And that became the skeleton of what I learned love to be.

I chase my father in every man I choose.
I find him in their failures
To show up,
To reach out,
To apologize,
To try,
To not leave me to assumption,
And I fight to earn their affection,
Hoping to find his along the way.

I choose the men reluctant to love me,
Because their indifference feels like home.

- p. winter
alternative title: narcissist with daddy issues
Penelope Winter Apr 2022
The sun was not attracted
To the darkness in her eyes,
So she brightened them with shooting stars
And twinkling fireflies,
But each morning she would fade away
As he began to rise,
So she made the moon to hold
The mere reflection of his light amid her skies.

- p. winter
man **** these meds why do I have to choose between a peaceful brain and a peaceful sleep
Penelope Winter Apr 2022
Curious but reverent,
Like ivy clings to stone,
His hands explore my body and

I wake in bed alone.

- p. winter
Penelope Winter Apr 2022
A sunbeam is not bright enough
To match the glowing of my skin,
For when he looks at me and smiles
I radiate from deep within.

- p. winter
30 second speed write bc smiling is lovely and his smile is the loveliest
Penelope Winter Mar 2022
come here
can i take this off
**** you look good
is this ok
i like doing this to you
i could do this all day

hey google
cancel my alarm

- p. winter
a memory turned nightmare
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