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God bless him for being so faithful
And never turning his head

But I will always notice
The girls who are

Who in the blink of an eye
Could steal him away

And I will always feel
A fool
For thinking I deserve
To hold his hand

- p. winter
i fear to let go
to close my eyes
and wake to find you

- p. winter
We know not all endings are meant to be happy
We’ve seen not all fairytales are meant to come true
But tell me „forever“
Tell me „I do“
I will too, and gladly
For our story’s unwritten
And I’ll take a chance
On filling the pages
With you

- p. winter
A gift from heav'n
To bless my life
A man for whom
Is no worthy wife

But must I choose
'Tween he and He?
Two loves
True loves
Dismemb'ring me.

- p.winter
Nothing I can do,
Try as I might,
To keep the tears
Inside at night.

- p. winter
Sadness meets me every day
A new disguise put on display
Making sure wheree’er I go
I see him in each face I know.

- p. winter
As days tick by
My lips find it
Harder and harder
To smile

- p. winter
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