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Jun 2013 · 1.0k
No Recipe for Satisfaction
Pearly Whites Jun 2013
Tumultuous hunger pangs

The right kind of food
For the right kind of appetite
Serves just two persons

Multiple courses
Quite a feast for the senses
Divine, yet sinful

Best enjoyed while hot
Small portioned delicacies
Consume immediately

Top with a cigarette
Then realize: you are still
It's been a while...
Apr 2013 · 633
Petals (Haiku)
Pearly Whites Apr 2013
I wish to see
the cherry blossoms tonight;
What are you wearing?
My girlfriend liked this, so. Haha.
Apr 2013 · 1.1k
Tempest (Haiku)
Pearly Whites Apr 2013
You're the ship that sails
into my tempestuous wind,
braced for hard impact
Today, I had a haiku exchange with my girlfriend :))
Apr 2013 · 542
Overflowing (10w Senryu)
Pearly Whites Apr 2013
I'm literally
overflowing with you;
make love to me more
Inspiration comes from unexpected places
Pearly Whites Apr 2013
Mary, Mother of God--
Born without Sin
Conceived without Man

Gaia, Mother of All
Titans, Gods, the Land of Men--
She gives and takes away

Lady of the Lake
Guardian of King Arthur's Might--

Taylor Alison Swift--
undeniably gained Fame
through Boys' Misfortune
Apr 2013 · 1.2k
Pearly Whites Apr 2013
She told me once
that she's never
seen a firefly.

Last night, I tried
to catch her one.

The evening breeze
had drawn it close;
silently it
wandered through the
open window.

At first, moonlight
masked its entrance.
The modest torch
it carried had
been overwhelmed
by shades of grey.

It landed on
a tiny leaf,
from vines that crawled
up the walls, and
into my room.

Resting quietly
on its platform,
the dull, green strobe
pulsated, slow
constant rhythm.

I cupped my hands,
extended them,
and gently reached
out toward the
visitor. It
stayed, motionless.

At that moment,
I knew it was
mine to keep. For
you. For me? I
can't remember.

It had become
my light, my warmth.
All that mattered,
to me it was.

I opened my
cupped hands. Still it
stayed, motionless.

One, two, three, four.
I noticed that
every burst had
become dimmer
than the previous.

It was dying.

I imagined
it must've tried
hard, gathering
enough courage
to shine brightly
in the darkness,
but a firefly
cannot outshine
the brightest star.

If I had known.
If I listened,
I would've heard
its humble plea:
Though my light fades,
let me rest here
in your own warmth.

You don't glow green,
but I see it.
You are shining.
Let me rest here
in your own warmth.

She told me once
that she's never
seen a firefly.

Tonight, I will
tell her how I
had caught her one,
and what I learned:

*Seek not the weak
light that flickers
in another.
Look inside you.
It burns bright red.
This has been in my drafts since October 2012. I couldn't decide what to do with it. I was unsure because sometimes parts didn't make sense to me. And it feels childish. I suppose one could say that's the charm.
Pearly Whites Apr 2013
Reason you were invited:* Nuance
Host of the party: Nuisance
Expectations: Prognosis - *Nausea

RSVP: Diagnosis - *See ya!
It's fine, I don't get it either
Pearly Whites Apr 2013
We walked past the old acacia tree
It was raining, we were wet, but
she held my hand and pushed on
We sat on a park bench
She laid her head on
my shoulder, and
she told me:
true love

she said
We were wet
Her fingers dug
in my shoulders. I
laid her head on the grass
She pulled me close, I pushed on
They could have seen us from the park
as it rained beneath the acacia
Apr 2013 · 496
Because I'm Drunk (20w)
Pearly Whites Apr 2013
the lamest excuse
to do what you want
without repercussions

when in truth,
you are fully aware
of your actions
Anyone else gonna call "*******"?
Pearly Whites Apr 2013
Huwag matakot.
Hindi kita iiwan,
kahit ako'y iwan mo.*

I won't leave you,
even if you leave me.
The English translation lacks sentiment because of the 10 word limit--the second line in Filipino reads: "Fear not." Also, I'm not satisfied with translating "kaibigan" as friend. The Filipino word for friend is closely related to "pag-ibig" which means love, so I would've rather translated it as "beloved friend" or something intimate like that.

This is too simple, I know. It's just something I've felt lately because of friends leaving.
Pearly Whites Apr 2013
Huwag mag-alala.
Hindi kita malilimutan,
kahit limutin mo ako.*

I won't forget you,
even if you forget me.
The English translation lacks sentiment because of the 10 word limit--the second line in Filipino reads: "Worry not." Also, I'm not satisfied with translating "kaibigan" as friend. The Filipino word for friend is closely related to "pag-ibig" which means love, so I would've rather translated it as "beloved friend" or something intimate like that.

This is too simple, I know. It's just something I've felt lately because of friends leaving.
Apr 2013 · 890
The Anatomy of Romance
Pearly Whites Apr 2013
I love with my hands

with a warm embrace,
a light pat on the back,
high fives, fist bumps
two thumbs up

A heart may not be for loving.

I love with my feet

when I wait in line,
while window-shopping,
running away with you,
walking down the aisle

A heart may not be for loving.

I love with my eyes

that still weep
long after you're gone,
that have baggage
big enough to carry yours

A heart may not be for loving.

I love with my lungs


A heart may not be for loving.

I love with my brain

the mind finds patterns, makes connections
you paint everything I see, hum every song I hear
you are every fragance, each succulent morsel
and in slumber, still I find you in my dreamscape

A heart may not be for loving.

A heart may not be for loving,
but without it I cannot think
I won't see what I touch
or where I'm going

And I won't remember to           breathe.
Pearly Whites Mar 2013
This is instant messaging in the smallest scale.
Two (or more) particles are separated in space.
An action performed on one is repeated by the other.
Once entwined, they are fundamentally connected.

Two lovers that were torn apart
by fate, against them from the start.
They kept a secret close to heart,
a way to stay connected -- how smart!

Wherever you and I may be
the stars are there for us to see.
And so the lovers could agree:
to share the heavens, they were free.

Day or Night matters not,
it changes neither script nor plot.
A love that cannot be forgot
conquers any rational thought.

But as the days went by
fear gripped her.

She thought,
It scares me that we'll never know
if one of us has stopped looking up.

He knew this day would come,
and had responded in advance.

She could hear him say,
If you look up, so will I.
If you stop, I will too.
It's spooky how we'll know,
but we will.

Fear not the coming of that day.
It may not even come, who can say?
Two souls entwined, though far away
are never truly led astray.
a concept floating around my space for a long time, finished one sleepless night
Mar 2013 · 496
Friendship (10w)
Pearly Whites Mar 2013
Can I say you're acting stupid
without being much offensive?
Written in 2012.
Pearly Whites Mar 2013
Five in the morning
she called me up
I'll be busy today
Could you take care of Whiskers
my cat?

Ain't nobody got time for that
I thought
I'll be there at 6
I said

Seven o'clock
I rang the doorbell
You're late
Have you ever taken care
of a cat before?

You should be glad I'm even at your door
I thought
Leave me a note, I'll be sleeping a few more hours
I said

Lunch time
I awoke with a jolt
What the ****
are you doing
scratching my ******* face?

And so I gave the cat a chase
I thought,
I didn't sign up for this.

Four in the afternoon
she called me up
I'll be home by five
Did you even look at
my note?

Could barely understand what you wrote
I thought
I didn't sign up for this
I said

Nobody forced you
She said

It's not like I had a choice
I thought
It's not like I had a choice
I said

Five on the dot
She rang the doorbell
Where's my little Whiskers?
Where's my baby?
Was the big bully mean to you?

Save your breath, the cat bid adieu
I thought
It's gone. I chased it out
I said

What the ****
she screamed
The **** did you do
she blamed
Where the **** is my cat?
she demanded

I freed Whiskers
I said

What the ****
she screamed
The **** did you do
she blamed
Don't you ******* love me anymore?
she demanded


Curiosity killed our love
and I freed Whiskers
ba-dum-tss (This work is pure fiction.)
Mar 2013 · 584
Stolen (10w)
Pearly Whites Mar 2013
Monochrome photographs capture muted screams

The silence is deafening.
Have you heard of Noam Galai? Perhaps not. You've probably seen him though.
Feb 2013 · 1.0k
The Blame Game
Pearly Whites Feb 2013
Red wire, blue wire.
There's something I think you ought to know.


You would never believe me if I told you that
all this time, I knew we wouldn't last.


Our friendship, the ticking time bomb
just waiting for its moment, a tremendous explosion.


The unstoppable force met
the immovable object.


I dared to move,
and change.


You were certain,
and stubborn.


Red wire, blue wire.
We can never work this out.


It's not you, it's me.
How I wish I could say the words!


It's definitely you,
it could be
bits of me.


I was arrogant.
You did not waver.


Red wire, blue wire.
We chose to sever both.


Two pairs of hands blood-soaked.
Written in August 2012.
Feb 2013 · 1.1k
Your Cartographer
Pearly Whites Feb 2013
I marveled at                            every sunspot,
every freckle on            your naked body.
With my fingers,
I traced them
as though I
were plotting a map,
and I had               set a course
which led to                      your perfection.
Feb 2013 · 622
Like Candy
Pearly Whites Feb 2013
tasty little
treat to get me
through the night,
an after-dinner mint
I take with great
Written in 2012.
Aug 2012 · 529
Like Children (10w)
Pearly Whites Aug 2012
We hugged.
My heart leapt.
I wonder if she noticed?
She made me feel something I thought I wouldn't again.
Aug 2012 · 509
Broken (10w)
Pearly Whites Aug 2012
Someone else's family is


more    appealing       than           my own.
Pearly Whites Jul 2012
Kung sakaling ikaw ay magbalik,
huwag mag-atubiling hanapin ako.
Hindi kita aabalahin, hindi ako sabik
na buksan muli ang matagal nang sarado.

Bumisita ka sa amin,
kumatok sa pinto at mag-abang.
Kapag hindi ka agad papasukin,
dumungaw sa bintana, makikitang ako'y narito lang.

Maaaring hindi ko lamang narinig
ang katok **** nag-aalinlangan.
****-usap, huwag hayaang manaig
ang dudang tatlong taong napag-ipunan.

Huwag mag-alala, sumisilip pa naman ako
paminsan-minsan kung may tao sa labas.
Hindi kita malimutan, hanggang ngayo'y sigurado
ako na balang-araw magtatagpo ang ating landas.

Kapag magkasalubong ang ating sulyap
at tayo'y muling sapian ng pagnanasa,
kimkimin muna natin, idaan sa yakap
pag-isipan kung handa nang muling magtaya.

Anumang daan ang tahakin,
pag-ibig nati'y walang kupas
Nag-iiba ng anyo, ngunit nariyan pa rin,
mas naititiyak pa sa pagdating ng bukas.

Kung sakaling hindi ka magbalik,
sisikapin kong maghanap sa'yo.
Aabalahin kita, dahil ako'y sabik
na mapagsaluhan natin ang mundo.
(Sadyang may mga araw na ramdam **** makapaghihintay ka nang kahit gaano pang katagal.)

And hey, I suddenly felt like translating this as well. I apologize, it's lost the rhyme. Here it is:

If ever you return,
don't hesitate to look for me.
I won't bother you, I'm not desperate
to rekindle the spent flame.

Visit my home,
knock at the door and wait.
If no one lets you in right away,
peer through the window, you'll see me there.

Maybe I just didn't hear
your knocks that sound uncertain.
Please, don't allow yourself to be controlled
by three years of collected doubt.

Don't worry, I still look outside
sometimes to see if there are visitors.
I can't forget you, 'til now I believe
that one day our fates shall intertwine.

When our eyes finally meet
and we are taken over by desire,
could we control our urges?
We should ponder if we're ready to take this risk again.

Whichever way we choose,
our love shall not fade
It changes form but remains nonetheless,
this is more definite than tommorow.

If you don't ever come back,
I won't hesitate to look for you.
It may be bothersome, but I can't wait
for us to share the world again.
Jul 2012 · 584
Distance (10w)
Pearly Whites Jul 2012
Reaching for                                      you.
                   ­               Tired.
I hold onto                                         another.
                       **Moving forward.
Relationships are not meant to last for thousands of miles.
Jul 2012 · 508
A Smoker's Romance (10w)
Pearly Whites Jul 2012
Ran out of matches,
could you spare me your light?
For anyone who's ever met someone over a pack of cigs.
Pearly Whites Jul 2012
Ang babaeng maganda,
alam ang kanyang hitsura.
Pasimpleng tumitingin
sa anumang pwedeng magsilbing salamin.
Konting suklay, konting pulbo
sa balat, ilang dampi ng pabango.
Kung umiwas sa araw,
parang bampirang malulusaw.
Walang bakas ng pagod,
kilala lamang ay lugod.
Ang babaeng maganda,

Ang babaeng maganda,
walang pinoproblema.
Matayog ang lipad ng utak,
daig pa si Icarus na nagkawatak ang pakpak.
Hindi marunong tumingin sa daan,
bahala ka nang mag-ingat, iwasan, huwag siyang tamaan.
Gumuho man ang mundo,
sa kanya lamang walang epekto.
Dahil sa tulong ng lahat,
naititiyak na hindi siya mamulat.
Ganito ang babaeng maganda,
nagmimistulang tanga.

Ang babaeng maganda,
puro na lang demanda.
Walang labis, lahat kulang,
kailangan laging nakalalamang.
Kung nais magpahuli,
pasensya ang hinihingi.
Kapag nangunguna,
“Pagbigyang daan ang Reyna!”
Ito ang tama, ito ang dapat.
Isinusuko ng lalaki ang lahat,
para sa babaeng maganda.
Walang-hiyang maldita.

Ang babaeng maganda,
bukod-tangi kung umasta.
Bawat kilos, sukat
mapaglihim, walang itinatapat.
Walang kupas ang pag-ngingisi,
sa likod ng maskara, naninisi.
Damdaming kahapon,
‘di maasahang mananaig ngayon.
Kay bilis maglaho ng pag-ibig.
Kahit anong lirikong sawi, idinadaig
ng babaeng maganda,
na hindi marunong magtiwala.

Mahirap magmahal
ng babaeng maganda,
dahil alam niya
ang kanyang halaga.

Mahirap magmahal
ng babaeng maganda,
pagka’t siya’y nag-aakalang
walang ibang tulad niya.

Mahirap magmahal
ng babaeng maganda,
kasi hindi niya alam
kung paanong magmahal ng iba.
because DieingEmbers asked for a translation :) this is a bit literal and it's lost the rhyme scheme... Maybe next time I can properly adapt it to English and make a new post, but for now here goes:

A beautiful woman
is aware of her beauty.
She makes subtle glances
at any reflective surface.
Some combing here, a bit of powder there
and a few dabs of perfume everywhere.
She avoids the sun
like a vampire.
She knows no fatigue,
she is always pleased.
The beautiful woman:

A beautiful woman
has no care in the world.
Her mind soars in the high heavens
surpassing Icarus, who built but lost his wings.
She never looks at where she's going,
leaving you the responsibility of avoiding her.
Even when the world tumbles down,
she stands unaffected.
With everyone's help,
she is kept oblivious.
The beautiful woman
pretends to be an idiot.

A beautiful woman
is bursting full of demands.
Nothing is too much, all is too little
everything must be in excess.
If she wants to lag behind,
patience is the key.
When she leads,
"Give way to the Queen!"
This is how it should be.
The man surrenders everything
for the beautiful woman.
Shameless and cruel.

A beatiful woman
behaves strangely.
Every motion seems measured,
secretive, never too revealing.
Her smile never fades,
but behind that mask she blames.
The feelings of yesterday
can't be relied upon today.
Her love is quick to fade.
She's beyond any heartwrenching verse,
because the beautiful woman
never learned how to trust.

It's difficult to love
a beautiful woman,
because she knows
her worth.

It's difficult to love
a beautiful woman,
because she thinks
she's irreplaceable.

It's difficult to love
a beautiful woman,
because she doesn't know
how to love someone else.

— The End —