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Pearly Whites Jun 2013
Tumultuous hunger pangs

The right kind of food
For the right kind of appetite
Serves just two persons

Multiple courses
Quite a feast for the senses
Divine, yet sinful

Best enjoyed while hot
Small portioned delicacies
Consume immediately

Top with a cigarette
Then realize: you are still
It's been a while...
Pearly Whites Apr 2013
I wish to see
the cherry blossoms tonight;
What are you wearing?
My girlfriend liked this, so. Haha.
Pearly Whites Apr 2013
You're the ship that sails
into my tempestuous wind,
braced for hard impact
Today, I had a haiku exchange with my girlfriend :))
Pearly Whites Apr 2013
I'm literally
overflowing with you;
make love to me more
Inspiration comes from unexpected places
Pearly Whites Apr 2013
Mary, Mother of God--
Born without Sin
Conceived without Man

Gaia, Mother of All
Titans, Gods, the Land of Men--
She gives and takes away

Lady of the Lake
Guardian of King Arthur's Might--

Taylor Alison Swift--
undeniably gained Fame
through Boys' Misfortune
Pearly Whites Apr 2013
She told me once
that she's never
seen a firefly.

Last night, I tried
to catch her one.

The evening breeze
had drawn it close;
silently it
wandered through the
open window.

At first, moonlight
masked its entrance.
The modest torch
it carried had
been overwhelmed
by shades of grey.

It landed on
a tiny leaf,
from vines that crawled
up the walls, and
into my room.

Resting quietly
on its platform,
the dull, green strobe
pulsated, slow
constant rhythm.

I cupped my hands,
extended them,
and gently reached
out toward the
visitor. It
stayed, motionless.

At that moment,
I knew it was
mine to keep. For
you. For me? I
can't remember.

It had become
my light, my warmth.
All that mattered,
to me it was.

I opened my
cupped hands. Still it
stayed, motionless.

One, two, three, four.
I noticed that
every burst had
become dimmer
than the previous.

It was dying.

I imagined
it must've tried
hard, gathering
enough courage
to shine brightly
in the darkness,
but a firefly
cannot outshine
the brightest star.

If I had known.
If I listened,
I would've heard
its humble plea:
Though my light fades,
let me rest here
in your own warmth.

You don't glow green,
but I see it.
You are shining.
Let me rest here
in your own warmth.

She told me once
that she's never
seen a firefly.

Tonight, I will
tell her how I
had caught her one,
and what I learned:

*Seek not the weak
light that flickers
in another.
Look inside you.
It burns bright red.
This has been in my drafts since October 2012. I couldn't decide what to do with it. I was unsure because sometimes parts didn't make sense to me. And it feels childish. I suppose one could say that's the charm.
Pearly Whites Apr 2013
Reason you were invited:* Nuance
Host of the party: Nuisance
Expectations: Prognosis - *Nausea

RSVP: Diagnosis - *See ya!
It's fine, I don't get it either
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