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Pamela Penta Dec 2019
I see you my brother, my sister in pain
your eyes diverted from the croud
hiding your face from the bane

I see the fear in your eyes, from pain of long ago
see your avoidance of all that is real
trying to wash it way, or soften its blow

I see your cries for help, the struggle of your soul
I see it in the way you walk
staying far from the fold

I see the haunting of your mind, the darkness that you fight
the circle under your eyes
from not sleeping at night

The needle marks on your arms, trying to **** the demons inside
the way you hang your head in shame
not looking the world in the eye

I see you my brother, my sister it's true
for there once was a time
I was just like you.

December 29, 2019
Pamela Penta Jul 2019
No one listens to another's pain
The subtle ways it shows
A tear in an eye of a smiling face
True happiness, never shows

A glance away, when you mention a name
Hand to the heart, at a song
A heavy sadness follows them
Forever, trying to be strong

We don't pay attention, to the look in the eye
When a memory crosses their mind
That rips out their soul, and tortures them
To their suffering,  we are blind

Never judge another's path
You do not know what they do
What it takes, every day
To try to be normal like you

Pam Penta
Pamela Penta Apr 2019
My words have left me
Have nothing more to say
They fall upon deaf ears
As the pages start to fray

We preach the religions
Condemn the weak
We do not practice
the words We speak.

No one is listening
To their truth within
Instead pointing fingers
To bring out your sin

My words have left me
For ones I once loved
Are lost to their darkness
Instead of rising above

Remember the truth
Before it's too late
Create a heart of love
Instead of one of hate

Find your truth
Go against the world
And a life unimaginable
Will then unfurl.

April 30, 2019
Pamela Penta Jan 2019
When we have lost our heart
When we judge what we do not know
Show no gratitude for life

Our soul slowly dies

When we look at our neighbor in hate
Because they are a different shade
We move away a little more

From our Fathers eyes

The world is lost, blinded by hate
Forgotten our purpose
Forgotten our fate

Living a life of lies

Money and greed, I want what is mine
Instead of feeding the hungry
Helping the blind

Becoming all you despise

On your deathbed you
Scream "God save my soul"
He says in return

I know you no more

You didn't live the love
You claimed in church
Instead you looked down

From high on your perch

Jesus taught you the way
Yet you twist it to serve
Your greed and your hunger

For things of this world

A deathbed confession
Won't save your soul
When you gave it to man

And by my children you strolled

The homeless, the naked
The thirsty, the weak
I put them in front of you

But you called them all freaks

You judged their condition
Instead of lending a hand
Turning your eye

To the suffering at hand

Your riches are grand
Your possessions, many
You wallowed in greed

Had more than plenty

What did you give
To end the suffering of one?
Be careful how you live

Before your life is done

January 29, 2019
Pamela Penta Sep 2018
I keep most of it inside
This utter darkness I fight each day
The tortured demons I hold at bay
Knowing one day they will escape
Their feathered claws
Rip at my soul...try to destroy my heart
Crawl into my mind and speak
Of memories torn and bleak
And take me back to the start.
The little child, who's innocence was torn
When her mind became twisted and bent
On stories of love, but actions without consent
The darkness creeps in, with images of
The moment it all took place.
And the broken child inside of me,
Runs to hide her face.
Then the pain, in reaping waves
As the memory of abuse is found
The tortured demons laugh at me
As they toss the memory around
Fists of fury swing at me
From every direction and space
Bruises form and streams of blood
covering my face
I see the demons' eyes, filled with fire and rage
Switch to the face of my abuser
As each punch lands in its place.
I try to push it all away
To bring back in some light
The demon whispers in my ear
"My dear, we own the night.
No relief will come to you...
Until the sun does rise.
Until then, my dear, I own your mind.
So sit back, and enjoy the ride ".

September 17, 2018
Pamela Penta Sep 2018
The color has been stripped from the world
In shades of black and gray
I watch the world move away.
Screams of hatred fill the space
As others move out of line, or slow down the race.
"You are unworthy, to eat, to drink, to live!"  
"You are everything I am not, how dare you ask me to give!"
The rich get richer, as the poor die away.
Money and greed are now the way
Doors locked at night, with secrets behind
People walk past, as if they are blind
Streets lined with homeless, most veterans of war
"Don't ask me for help, or knock on my door!"
Children are hurt, some left to die.
Emotions are rare, not many cry.
Or hurt for those who don't have enough
Or don't have it in them to always be tough.
We look down on them as burdens, not fair
Instead of lending a hand, learning to share
The values we preach, are seldom carried through
We have forgotten we are one. You are I, and I am you.

Take care of each other.

September 2, 2018
Pamela Penta
Pamela Penta May 2018
I look in the mirror
And all that I see
Is a wrinkled old woman
Staring back at me
Skin sagging in places
That once were firm
My hair turning gray
Each one I have earned
When I look in my eyes
I see happiness and youth
Dancing sparkles of light
The symbol of my truth
For though time has ravaged
My skin and outer frame
The little girl inside me
Had never lost her flame
She dances in the moonlight
Marvels at the world
Shows love to every soul she meets
With open arms unfurled
The laughter in those eyes still glows
And shows the world that sees
That though age has taken my body
It will never take away me
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