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P Venugopal May 2017
on the temple steps
i encounter an elephant
bigger than god!
P Venugopal May 2017
on the temple steps
i encounter an elephant
bigger than god!
P Venugopal Mar 2017
from the dead embers
flickering, a blue flame
leaps up and dies
the final wisp
twisting, writhing
into the night breeze
P Venugopal Mar 2017
on that lonely tree
a koel sings koi...koi...koi...koi
starlit winter sky
P Venugopal Mar 2017
the smell of parched earth
as cool raindrops sizzle down--
and you, in my thoughts
P Venugopal Feb 2016
A flock of steel grey and white doves flapped up from the neighbouring roof in sudden excitement and fluttered up into the sky as though at the sound of an inaudible gunshot.

They worked their wings with great joy and they circled high, one following the other, sparkling and feather-light.

They circled on and on, weaving ever-evolving patterns in the sky, circling now closer overhead so you could see each one of them tilting the beak sideways listening to the wing beats of the others, and with subtle paddling variations of the wings merging seamlessly with one another.

They circled on and on and away, taking their flight to levels beyond concepts. They turned into specks of pure delight in the grey evening sky and, with the light of the heady regions playing on their wings, became invisible flickers of nothingness, dissolving from memory. They wheeled back into view yet again, drawing strands of some invisible filament from a drifting cloud.

The sun was behind a big bank of rainclouds in the west. The whole line of the horizon west had caught fire and the clouds were billowing up like black smoke from a massive conflagration. They trundled east like a herd of wild elephants conquering a valley…

A sudden squall disturbed the trees, exciting cuckoos, sparrows and crows out of their perches. They flew from branch to unsure branch, but only the crows cawed. The doves were still circling high in the sky, wheeling in and out of the east-bound rainclouds.

They wheeled with the high-altitude winds, sometimes the wind blowing them off their course, but each time the faltering happened, they dipped or climbed together to navigate the choppy ether, effortlessly weaving newer formations in which the wind too joined to make the whole. 

The clouds galloping east were invading the whole sky: they rolled forward, the breakers curling in with the onward ****** of the massive clouds from behind. The wind among the trees had fallen silent. The whole earth seemed to freeze with the expectation of the first drops of the downpour as the clouds passed overhead…

It did not rain. The clouds seemed to be holding back, not allowing the rains they carried to condense and spill. They held back and rolled on and on, as though they had to reach somewhere very fast…They rolled on and on and the light began to grow dimmer by the second, until it seemed night and heavy shadows would soon embrace the sky and the earth...

And then there was light! It had neither shape nor dimension; it was like a flower slowly flowering, petal after petal unfolding—the clouds were lifting their blanket in the west and the sun was coming out and now shining in its full glory in the western horizon.
And the doves were now circling closer and were not of this world. 

They descended gliding radiant on still wings, the deep violet of the rainclouds behind them, their beaks soft and shining. They came swinging down, bobbing up in smooth arcs at touchdown and flapping their wings twice or thrice to gain sure-footed perch on the old rooftop.

They perched in a row at the very top of the roof where the tiles folded pyramid-shape and they were all facing east and crooning. They perched transmuted on the rooftop and they were all gazing happily at a glorious rainbow straddling the eastern sky, all seven colours sparkling.

They crooned as though excited it was their work; the entire sweep of the rainbow was their work!

A cuckoo began to sing and it was raining rainbows somewhere far in the east.
P Venugopal Feb 2016
Together we ascend and descend
on this joyous swing!
Bouncing our feet on earth and leaping back,
we stretch ourselves skyward,
swinging down and swinging up—
our cheeks touching,
anklets jingling,
blue skirt swishing,
tresses blowing,
we go
swinging down and swinging up,
swinging down and swinging up,
till we touch—
heart in mouth—
a free space—
sans space—
where time and gravity tapers to a stop—
like when in the interlude between two wing beats,
the void between two heartbeats—
and we cling to each other and exult—
Jugum! Yuj!
The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit root Yuj—Jugum in Latin.
The etymological sense of the word is union, yoke.
This poem to me is about getting yoked to the whole there is.
The exultation of that moment.
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