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Jun 2016 · 2.2k
Birthday Whispers
Ocean Blue Jun 2016
Is our birthday,
The first time you appeared in my life,
So many years ago,
Fingers of my hands can't count.
Do you remember?
Probably not,
We both know
You're not good at dates
As I'm good at
Writing love letters
That are never sent
- and you know why -
It was June the fifth,
The century was about to die,
Just imagine if...
You and I.
Jun 2016 · 3.4k
I will be...
Ocean Blue Jun 2016
... an olive tree,
To give you some shade,
A drop of water,
When emotion dries your throat,
A silent breeze,
When you hold your breath,
Your lighthouse,
When you sail through your storm,
The blood
That runs madly through your veins,
The flood
That spills your wells.
Sweet Darling,
Don't you feel that
I can't stop loving you,
Morning and evening too.
Throughout the years,
I will be
Waiting for you,
If you still want me.
Ocean Blue May 2016
A desert between us?
Only in your dreams.
Your longing?
Reciprocal, it seems.
Your heart ache?
Nothing compared to mine.
My promises?
Rare and always held.
Your smile?
Bright sunray
Throughout my day.
Your heart beats?
My earthquakes.
Your verses,
Daily narcotics.
My horizon?
Just to love you,
On and on.
May 2016 · 1.2k
Ocean Blue May 2016
I can read in your mind
Like in an open book.
... though I never know what
Is written on the next page.
May 2016 · 1.3k
Sweet Poison
Ocean Blue May 2016
Every morning, a dose of your poetry,
Pink sky, dancing rainbows.
You're on trip, I'm in withdrawal,
Dark horizon, creeping sorrows.
Stay close, sweet Darling,
'Cause you are my ******.
Mar 2016 · 3.6k
Butterfly Effect
Ocean Blue Mar 2016
Across the ocean,
Your words,
Question marks in my mind.
Your voice,
Sensual roller coaster.
Your smile,
Rainbow in my sky.
Your giggles,
Waterfall in my ears.
Your arrows,
Open wounds in my heart.
Your angel face
Haunts my sleepless night.
Your eyes,
Locked in my eyes.
Your love,
Denied but who ever knows.
Forever in me.
Mar 2016 · 1.1k
Wish List n°6
Ocean Blue Mar 2016
Despite your choice,
Twice abruptly cabled :
Not to forget your voice,
Years after, still to be able
To day dream of your smile,
To remember your sweetness
Day after day, yes,
I pray for You.
Feb 2016 · 2.0k
Ocean Blue Feb 2016
Influenced by the Moon,
You push me offshore,
You swap to a different mood,
You applause for a last encore.
I comply, I am your slave,
To you, forever I am tied,
'Cause I am a loving wave,
Prisoner of your tide.
Feb 2016 · 1.2k
To my moody Love
Ocean Blue Feb 2016
Sweet Darling,
How would I fully
Understand how you function?
You never gave me
The instruction manual.
Feb 2016 · 720
Sharp Love
Ocean Blue Feb 2016
You can use your knife
To slice me in a million sighs,
Chain tears to my life,
Hold my breath with your rhymes,
Sweet Darling, just think of
what's next : you'll multiply my love.
Feb 2016 · 1.6k
Love with the Wind
Ocean Blue Feb 2016
Let me be your wind,
That will bring soft fragrance,
A gentle scent to make you blind,
Sent with love from my old France.

Let me be your gentle breeze,
To haunt your brittle sleep
And when I turn elusive
Sail on and never leave the ship.
Feb 2016 · 1.4k
Handle With Care
Ocean Blue Feb 2016
You are like a glass of crystal,
Hard, cold and shining,
You allure, You write with style,
But, Sweet Darling,
I do know You are so fragile.
When You come and get me,
If You ever dare,
Addeso and beyond eternity,
Promised, I'll handle You with care.
Feb 2016 · 638
Falling Again
Ocean Blue Feb 2016
I said never again,
No more sleepless nights,
No more pain.
No more endless sighs.
But you are here again,
Your gentle face,
Your comforting eyes,
Your soft voice
Whispering in the night,
Leaving me no choice,
Your coloured verses.
Falling again for who?
For You.
Who else?
Feb 2016 · 602
Shooting Star
Ocean Blue Feb 2016
One night,
Years ago,
You appeared
In my blue sky
... And vanished
Soon after.
The earth is round
... So I wait.
Just a matter of patience.
Next time
I will catch you
In my open palm.
Feb 2016 · 495
Valentine Puzzle
Ocean Blue Feb 2016
You broke my heart
But it is still beating
For You.
Hurry and revive it,
You will get
Pieces of me.
Feb 2016 · 821
Addeso e Domani
Ocean Blue Feb 2016
Tonight, again
Under the freckled sky,
I think of You.
Your smile,
Your voice,
Your sweetness,
Your hidden scars,
Your sadness,
Your fake mysteries
That I would guess so easily,
And other
Fading memories.
Was it You
Who once swore
You and me
Would be
Will be singing tomorrows?
Your call,
Who knows...
And I'm still here,
Day dreaming of You,
For your angel wings
To fly me out
From this endless winter.
Dec 2015 · 1.8k
Huntress at the Louvre
Ocean Blue Dec 2015
Every day at noon,
I sleepwalk to you,
Who stands there in the middle
Of the Grande Galerie
Denon Wing, upper floor,
Inaccessible in your polished copper,
Walking into eternity,
Your bow ready for use,
Your arrows
Piercing my heart,
Again ang again.
Dec 2015 · 2.1k
A message to YOU
Ocean Blue Dec 2015
Stars and calendars
Just whispered
That the last time
You and me met
Was exactly
6,000 days ago.
Guess what...
Despite all these years,
You make my heart
Beat so fast,
Whenever I dream of You,
That is ten times a day.
And when my eyes
Get locked to the sky
Over Paris
I see your smile
And your face
In every sunshine.
Tell me how you do it.
Do you use magic?
So I willingly
And slowly
Become your slave,
Prisoner of my
Life time quest
For You.
Dec 2015 · 599
Wish List n°5
Ocean Blue Dec 2015
To be with You
Now and Forever
Nov 2015 · 996
Did You...?
Ocean Blue Nov 2015
Did you hear my prayer,
Yesterday at the church ?
Yes, for your happiness, I do care.


Did you suspect my search
For You, after You ran away,
Behind each poem or fragrance ?


Last summer in the Bay,
Did you feel my presence ?
So close from where you live.  


And out of the blue,
Did You seriously believe,
I would forget You ?
For every beat of my heart
Day after day,
hammers ‘She is worth not giving up...
Oct 2015 · 1.2k
Lost Kisses
Ocean Blue Oct 2015
Since you don't remember
Our kisses,
A long, long time ago
In another life,
Let me send you a thousand
Shall they harvest
The fields of gold
Swallow the stars
And embrace your sky.
God Bless You.
Oct 2015 · 833
Ocean Blue Oct 2015
You dance with the stars
In your bubbling pink universe
And again for hours,
You **** my night.
No need to whisper your name
To have your smile within sight,
'Cause you are
My everywhere.
Oct 2015 · 592
Day One
Ocean Blue Oct 2015
First time my sight
Fell on You
During that warm June night,
I had no clue
That I was already trapped
From the very start.
Your wishful prisoner.
God Bless You
Oct 2015 · 717
Wish List n°4
Ocean Blue Oct 2015
To sit with you
At the* Café Palais Royal
It has black and white awning ;
Tarte Tatin, hmm quel régal !
The view from there ? Never boring.

We have a table
en terrasse,
In the corner of the Rue de Valois,
One block from my office.
The neighborhood ?
De très bon aloi.

You order a café crème,
While I sip your smile.
I’m about to whisper
Je t’aime,
*But it’s like walking on a land mine.

So I just look at you,
Oh if you could let me drawn you
In my ocean blue.

Later, we walk to  that bridge
Where we locked our love
Billions of longings ago
D . for Darling,
The locks are gone,
They were just too heavy
For my fists.
You can try many tricks,
But life has to go,
On and on.
Oct 2015 · 1.2k
Impregnable Heart
Ocean Blue Oct 2015
In my dream world,
You stand at the top of the dungeon,
Laughing at my wooden sword,
And in my mind, spreading confusion.
Day after day, you are challenging
My feelings for you,
Always ignoring
How much I miss you.
Your sublime arrow
Has missed its target,
It seems I'll never be your hero.
Now, read the following secret:
.... .... .......  ......
... .........  ....  .....
...... ...... ...... .....
... .........  .. ;
My fault;
Let me give up
The assault
On your impregnable heart.
God Bless You
Oct 2015 · 995
Heart Attack
Ocean Blue Oct 2015
Her sublime arrow
Has hit me
On the left side,
An attack by my douce amie,
I would not hide...
D. for Doctor
Please tell me
Is it serious or
Is it going to **** me?
No, she says, this would be too easy...
Look, your heart
Will bleed,
It is going to hurt,
Whatever you did.
And whenever you think it's gone
It will come back again,
On and on,
Your life time sweet pain.
Aug 2015 · 1.3k
Sleepless Nights
Ocean Blue Aug 2015
That black and white pic of You
The one with the mischievous eyes
All night long meets my Blue
And my sleep, takes away to the skies.
Oh Darling, if You only knew...
Please let me sink, so I can dream of You.
Aug 2015 · 1.9k
Mona Lisa
Ocean Blue Aug 2015
What if we had met
In Florence, say five centuries ago
Would you have let
Me be your Leonardo ?
You gentle face I would have framed
In the back, a sfumato of Tuscany
You, I would have named
My Mona Lisa, smiling to eternity.

Aug 2015 · 865
Love Trail
Ocean Blue Aug 2015
The trail has led me
To the end of the world,
A place short called - - - i
Where I thought my heart would be safe and furled.

I was over there,
You were not there
Of course, stupid me, how would you have known?
By the way, when you read it, did you frown?

Did it make your heart beat faster?
Well, if you could hear mine, runs like the Sprinter...

One next time, as you propose, I will hold your hand
We both know it won't be easy, it will be steep,
But together, we'll reach the top of that dune of sand.
Our sun burnt necks turning deep,
Into the mountain view.

And then, there will be only
Me and You.
Jul 2015 · 1.3k
You don't change
Ocean Blue Jul 2015
You :

Write poems that make me ponder,
But finally, finding no answer.

Hide behind those bars,
Who knows if you don't mean scars.

One winter day, send me to dark eternity,
Knowing well that I would colour your sky artfully.

Feel perturbed when I write love poetry on your face?
Love, for sure, this is the case.

Are influenced by the Moon ?
So your heart turns into typhoon...

After all, you don't change...
... And,
D. for Darling,
You know what?
Don't change anything,
'Cause despite all that
This is how I love You.
Jul 2015 · 1.2k
The deal we made a year ago
Ocean Blue Jul 2015
July 24th, 2014 at around 2 am,
Time in my European night,
After I had told you once more Je t'aime,
Making your heartbeats with mine to fight,
Through the distance we made a deal,
To be implemented if some conditions are met.
Days later, you confirmed and gave your seal,
Saying that you would not forget.
Very well, D. for Darling,
Now you need to hear
That if time comes - me howling
At the Moon, You breaking my vase - I'll be here.
Jul 2015 · 1.6k
Love is no Game
Ocean Blue Jul 2015
Once, you wrote,
And if I may quote
('Cause after five minutes,
There was nothing left, only peanuts),
That you and me play a game,
That has a universal name,
No, D. for Darling,
Is way too serious
To be called a game.
'Cause throughout the day,
You are my only aim.
Trust me, this is not funny:
This feeling, or is it a pain,
Is my everyday reality.
Jul 2015 · 827
Alors on danse...
Ocean Blue Jul 2015
Take my hand,
Close your eyes
Between two sighs,
Let us reinvent a future
With much allure.*

(Title by Monsieur Stromae)
Jul 2015 · 1.1k
Ligne de Chance
Ocean Blue Jul 2015
Take my hand,
Look at my soft palm,
Doesn't it look like sand?
For once don't giggle, stay calm,
Just close your eyes.
Now, tell me...
Why don't you get
That my love for you is on the rise
Since the night we met ?
Jul 2015 · 1.2k
Weather Forecast
Ocean Blue Jul 2015
From my old Europe
To your West coast
With no expectation but still with hope,
For you, here is my weather forecast:
Sunshine every day
To chase your dark clouds
My sky smiling all the way,
Despite your mood and all odds.
Soon, strong wings to take me close to you,
Ocean Blue
To be found near Broadway.
Jul 2015 · 958
Wish List n°3
Ocean Blue Jul 2015
I want you to know
That you are here
In my mind,
In my thoughts,
Every single day
Deep, so deep inside my heart,
My fortress,
Your territory.
I want you to know
That, like a rock breaking the waves,
Firm I will stand
And wait
Until you... (I don't know what)
Not so clairvoyant,
You ignore what I said:
I always keep my rare promises.
None of them ever gets lost (modesty)
Don't underestimate my patience,
My Love.
Apr 2015 · 1.6k
You tell me...
Ocean Blue Apr 2015
Dreaming of you throughout the day,
Meeting your smile in every rainbow,
Looking at pics of you last May,
Catching your voice in each echo,
Watching the news of where you live,
Searching for you after you leave,
Behind each word, each poem,
Was it you ? And the message you chose,
Where I read Je t'aime
Maybe you mean someone close?
Counting in years,
Before our paths meet again,
Because you know
Against time I never complain.
And of course, my heart,
Oh for you never stops to beat and hurt.
So, Darling, please
You tell me... if this is not Love,
What it is.*

Definitely somewhere between longing and slavery...
Ocean Blue Apr 2015
On this special day,
I know
You can feel
Across the ocean,
How much
I pray for you.
Just like
And tomorrow
And the day after tomorrow,

God bless you
Apr 2015 · 3.0k
April 1st, counting the days
Ocean Blue Apr 2015
5774 days ago,
You appeared in my night,
365 days ago,
You came back within sight,
122 days ago,
Suddenly you chose to escape,
Leaving me alone
With memories to reshape.
Now I sit
Next to the old olive tree,
Counting its rings,
One, two, three...
You know how
I'm patient
And life has shown,
So resilient.
One day, maybe
You'll send a sign
And again,
Let our hearts entwine.*

Mar 2015 · 1.3k
If you knew...
Ocean Blue Mar 2015
... What is in my heart,
You would be surprised
By the pace of its beats,
Whenever I long for you,
Morning, and evening too.
And if you knew
How often I think of you,
Most likely
My love you would reject
And, once again,
Alas, we do not control love...
Mar 2015 · 1.5k
A Survivor
Ocean Blue Mar 2015
I survived:
My father's death, who left too early,
My mother's trip to the land of forever fog,
The loss of a child,
A few years in the Pool,
Swimming with gentle crocodiles,
The mountain trail somewhere East,
An angry crowd in Musutiste,
On the same day, the shelling in Studencane,
A few disappointments,
One recent betrayal,
And the black cloud nightmares.

I will survive:
The daily headache,
The selection at the Academy
The fading love,
The obsessive longing for Someone,
Yes, I will survive
It all.

So help me God.
Musutiste and Studencane on February 20th, 1999:
twice on that day, God decided it was not due time for me.
Ocean Blue Feb 2015
Remember your summer storm?
When in the middle of my European night,
Across the Ocean silent cries you would perform,
Me, promising you would be allright.
You, sobbing this storm would wreck it all,
You and me together we would fall.


Now, if you could look at my eyes
As you said, their peace have the power
After a while to soothe your sighs,
Your days and your nights to make quieter.
Indeed, I am like the still water
Of a mountain lake :
The least I can offer
Is to drawn your ache.


You've decided that
My Blue and your fever,
Among the stars will never
Dance together.
Jan 2015 · 1.6k
No woman, no hate
Ocean Blue Jan 2015
You have done everything
For me to hate you.
But, Darling,
You can read in my ink
That I am unable to
Hate anybody,
Especially you.
This is how God has made me :
Just to love you

How would I hate such a loving person anyway?
Jan 2015 · 10.6k
I will give you...
Ocean Blue Jan 2015
... My eyes,
To mirror your sighs,
I will give you my smile,
To dance with your smile,
I will give you my hands,
For you to paint the beauty
Of the fertile lands
In the hills of Tuscany.
I will give you my open arms
To surround your shoulders,
When you feel cold during the winters.
I will give you my soft kisses
To dry up your tears
On your pale cheeks
So I can chase your fears.
I will give you my memory,
For you to remember
Our forgotten kisses, if any.
I will tell you some of my secrets,
Even the ones from the Pool,
In case you show interest,
And there you would think I'm a fool.
And of course I will give you
My Ocean Blue,
For you to dive into.
But I will never give you
Anything that can hurt you.
You need to know
That I can only give all this
When you come back from the abyss
To which you've decided to depart,
Leaving me alone to dream of you,
With art.
Jan 2015 · 3.3k
Sand Castle
Ocean Blue Jan 2015
With our untold dreams
On the beach we've built a castle
To put in our sighs, our whims.
Then suddenly, you left the vessel,
To sail your way, offshore.
The walls, made stronger by my tears,
Can now resist the Ocean much more.
Though I have no fears
That, horse riding as a white knight,
As you vanished, you will reappear,
Sooner or later, maybe in the night,
Back to our sand castle,
my Dear.
She keeps appearing and disappearing in my life. No doubt she will appear again   :)
Jan 2015 · 1.4k
April girl
Ocean Blue Jan 2015
April, she first saw the light
June, she appeared in the night
July, she left town
After five thousand moons got down
Suddenly she was back
May, I told her my secret
June, she told me how she felt
August, she said all this should be forgotten
September, apparently I was forgiven
October, she was part of my autumn,
November, she was already on the run.
December, she said no good bye
Leaving me on the road side.
She is an April girl,
Who made my life a whirl.
Now that she is away,
Heartbroken I follow my way.
Inspired by Laurent Voulzy's song "Une Fille d'Avril"
Jan 2015 · 1.5k
Ocean Blue Jan 2015
Things will be okay
Just give me your hand
I will take you
Through the dust
And the noise and the fire
And the madness
Of the weeping city
Trust me and
Follow me
I will lead you
To the silent harbor
Of painless eternity.
Jan 2015 · 1.2k
Stronger, 10 words
Ocean Blue Jan 2015
It's confirmed : what does not **** us makes us stronger.
Jan 2015 · 1.5k
Ocean Blue Jan 2015
A few drops
Of happiness in life
Build new hopes
And the will for strife.
Here they are
The sunrays
On the altar
Giving shape to
The promises
Of a singing tomorrow.
Dec 2014 · 1.7k
You Jewel
Ocean Blue Dec 2014
<3 <3 <3

After I lost you once
In the dark  folds of life,
Suddenly you are back,
Here in my open palm.
I am never, never tired
To see how your rays glow,
Day after day always amazed
How much in my heart your grow,
How high its pulses you've raised.
You are a Jewel,
For whom so many times I fell.
Now let us shine together,
If you wish, one day and forever.

<3 <3 <3
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