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 Apr 2016 olivia grace
End Game
 Apr 2016 olivia grace
whatever we think we have
is destructive

they say opposites attract
but what they don't say is
damage seeks out damage

we both know this is temporary
we'll never gonna choose each other

we are asymptotes
staying close to each other;
would never gonna cross the line
or would we?

maybe we're perpendicular lines
we'd cross the line
but that's it
or is it?

maybe we're each other's point b
each other's end point
but i doubt that

I think I know what we are
We are black splats
or stains hiding
in each other's blind spots

we see each other
when we want to

hide each other
when we want to

and I am tired
of being your temporary cure
because healing you
is like alcohol
it kills me but gets me addicted
makes me miserable yet happy
healing you is like being offered
space cakes
no matter how hard i try
to convince everyone it's harmless, it destroys
it builds me up
then lets me down
makes me feel everything then nothing at all

i don't know how it happened
all of a sudden then all at once

we both know this won't last
please erase me
wash the stain
open both your eyes
let go

whatever we think we have
let it die


let This die
but dont forget

we'll stay close
enough to keep each other warm
but not too much to let each other burn
The fisherman tells the sea
that he promises to weather its storms.
The sea tells the fisherman
that she promises to carry him
to adventurous lands
upon her leeward waves.

As for me,
I promise we will be okay
as the winds blow the shingles
off our tiny, little house.
I promise we will be okay
as we follow the maps
and navigate the roads
while the radio sings static,
our hands clasped together
at your knee.

I promise that the rain
will radiate diamonds,
that reflect the gleam of your eyes,
onto the shores,
into the sea,
onto me,
and especially onto you.

We will find hope inside the clouds.
Written, under a confident April moon, for E.
 Sep 2013 olivia grace
In a world of concrete
and televisions
there is no room
for love and liberty
only hyperspeed delusions

Screens project illusions
colorful and negative
******, ****, war
pure destruction

Communication boxes
with buttons and blinky lights
musical tones to let you know
that your mother says hello
her voice and face is not enough

Letters are overated
conversations are useless
chivalry is ridiculous
and a smile is anything
but friendly

Neighbors are irritating
too much or too little
of this
or the other thing

Knowledge is power
accessible, unclear and confusing
nothing makes any sense
everyone is stupid
but everyone knows everything

is inconvenient
never good enough
fast enough
or affordable

There's internet
for computers, tv and cell phones
books in every format
knowledge through every source
but it's all lies, right?

No one knows the truth
no one can believe it
everything is a lie
and everyone is trapped
between televisions and concrete

Nature is forgotten
or locked in fences
near park benches
trimmed and controlled
to particuliarities

Consummables are consumed
without recognition
of the quantity
or lack thereof
until there is nothing left.

Used and abused
people and animals
plants and minerals
oxygen and gas
depleted, destroyed, enslaved

There is no room
for love and liberty
in a world ruled
by delusions
created from concrete and televisions
 Sep 2013 olivia grace
it's hard to crack a
coconut while
sitting under the
in order to understand
the fundamentals of a
broken heart
you've got to know the
secrets of the soul


99% of human beings
are enchanted
and to lick the moon
you don't always have to
travel to mars.

Now wait.
my heart is a machine

behind every good


there is an even better


                     waiting to take over


beat- in out in out- beat

       who needs


{ the constant struggle of having to

             repair the break

crashlagslow hurt

                 -reboot- (Call tech support!)

temporary no sure fix

repeat }

behind every good


is an even better


                 waiting to mechanize




abiotic, anaerobic, clean, pure, simple, sterile

who needs


when metal & pistons

are so much easier to



                       replace/fix ?

If they can engineer esters to


like anything on earth

                   why the **** can’t that make something


       {like your lips}


       {like your skin; cigarette sweet with an undertone of work sweat}


       {like your too rough kisses and embraces}

because maybe if they did

it might make it easier, maybe I wouldn’t miss you

so ******* much
Another older poem-- written in 2010 over too many shots and too much APchem.
Fill the silence of our discontent with the sound of a swishing liquor bottle and the popping of pills.

We are rocks in each others’ sinking worlds but I’m

not your rock anymore.

You threw me out of your life

The night I let you

Hold me

The night I let you

Touch me

The night I let you

Fell the love I have for you through the touch of my lips

The pads of my fingers

And the walls of my ******

The night I gave you everything I had

And asked for nothing in return.

But I’m not yours anymore

I’m just a ***** on her knees begging for something more than ***** flavored




I’m not yours anymore

I’m not begging or crying with my heart torn open

Ready for you to pack another bowl within it

Waiting for you to forget
                                                          ­                yourname

Waiting for you to slip past hateful sobriety

Waiting for you to drag me down with you to the bottom of a bottle

Waiting for you to

Love me.

Waiting for you to smile and tell me all the things I want to hear

and trust you.

But I’m not yours anymore and I hate you.

But today when you

Smiled, spoke to me like a friend

While she looked on from the corner

I felt my heart eager for more ashes and resin of some

late night whispers

that sound so sweet

but in the morning light

float away like the smoke that slipped

out of your mouth and into


My legs ready to open

But then I remembered

                                 I’m not yours anymore.

For you

I’m not worth

the lighter

Cigarettes and love

You stole from me

But I don’t give a


Because **I’m not



Another from 2010
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