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olang phesto Jan 2020
Berni chalo ler chieng
jiduto gombo bedo kodi
jolweny thao
jogoro goro
jo chwecho chwecho
poets ndiko
jogedo gedo
Ruothi nindo otamo
jothumbe gocho
chuo matek tek tho ne herani
erani loko chuo joneko
kona gima onego atim
olang phesto Jan 2020
This ship is wrecked
this relationship is broken
because every-time ego wins
we never backed down
we said forever
but forever is dedicating
forever is sacrificing
forever is understanding
have we ever sacrificed
are we satisfied with love
we done
are we sure
we wont love
olang phesto Aug 2019
most people fight their darker side but
lately they find away to give in to it,
we always have a monster in us,bu
unless we unleash it always its ready to consume us
being free is not about answering to no one
its about freeing yourself
fighting the inner you
finding small things that makes you happy
things that you do to be you
take responsibilities as they come
delete trash from your memory
find a way to give your darker side light
rather than to fight it
forgive yourself before you forgive others.
olang phesto Aug 2019
chwer koa e wanga,
kochimo piny e lemba
kochiko e tika
ka gi lwar e lowo ,
olang phesto Aug 2018
The protest in ur heart , it started with that.
Ignoring the fact that i gave to the limit my muscle would entrench the most,
what ,was i to give ?
Ok what was i to sacrifice for u to stay?
And if Ur leaving don't forget to shoot me here,
or any place that will **** me quicker .
coz i hate pain
olang phesto Aug 2018
Ungali futa subira tu
Hali yangu mbaya imefanya umenikimbia
Sina, hope, nilikuambia?
mapenzi yakweli nilikupa sio kutania
Marafiki wanakuulizia niwaambie nini ?
Nimekuzoea siungelitulia.
Alafu moyo unaujinga bado unakuhitaji
olang phesto Aug 2018
Broken promises
broken trust
broken heart
broken me
Did I forced you to promise
and every heart break song sounds like our story
said u loved me never will u leave
then u go and cut me out
shield me out from the place i call home
its so weird that who broke Ur heart,
is the one Ur heart needs the most.
I don't sleep at home cause mama she asks questions,
And real answers hurts
To take me out of misery i would prefer death after heat break.
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