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olajide ojedokun Mar 2019

In a land where corruption is a virtue
Integrity is a crime
In a land where mediocrity is revered
Originality is a sin
Do away with your old believes for nobility is a lonely road leading to despair
and justice might never come if it isn't cheered on by the thumping sound of the kobo and naira
Kiss your honesty goodbye for it carries no weight nor honor
Bury your morals it isn't needed in the rural
Where sanity is scorned
Where insanity is embraced
Where righteousness is forsaken
Where wickedness admired
Do not try to be holy
It will only make you lonely
Do not turn the other cheek
It will only give you a bruised cheek
Where abnormality is normal
Where sanity is frugal
Try not to waste your strength
Follow the rule.
#abetterafrica #bethechange
olajide ojedokun Jan 2019
It's been six years since you left
I know it's been long but I still mourn
Your warmth your care
Your guidance your anger
I still miss though I'm proud to admit
Your image looms larger than life
It feels as though happiness left with you
Echoing through the walls of my mind
Is the sound of your precious admonition
One which I resented while you walk the face of the earth
But now, now I'll pay any price to hear you beat it into my ear drums like the sound of a thunderous conga slap
The world feels so lonely and cold without you
The carriage in which I arrived this world
The embodiment of wisdom and understanding
The lioness that needs not roar to earn the respect of her pride
The queen that needs no crown to prove her royalty
You knew about my dreams
I told you first of my vision
And though the world scuffed at my naivity
You stood by me
Even if you never believed in my dream I'll never know cos you did a good job in concealing your thoughts just to aid me as I take baby steps towards achieving my dreams
But I hadn't gotten up my feet before death took you away without my consent
It's been six years since you left
And I'm yet to achieve my dream
I promised you heaven and earth the minute I hit my gold mine
but it seems as though life became a giant mill grinding every dream to dust
I'll keep on fighting maami
I'll keep on fighting till I wrest from life what is truly mine
Till I get to the finish line of my journey
But until then
I hope you're resting in a cozy
City in the ***** of Abraham
I hope heaven gives you the care I tried but couldn't give
I hope you find all the rest life stole away from you
I hope you're reunited with babami your husband whom you where ever faithful to while you were on earth
I'll make you proud one day I swear
But even if I finally bow out of my quest in life
And I show up at your door step with a sack of unfulfilled dreams
I hope you'll welcome me with open arms
Knowing in your heart without a shred of doubt
That I tried.
olajide ojedokun Oct 2015
Let me call you beauty
For your beauty speaks volume without uttering a word
Or perhaps I call you angel for the good tidings your smile bring's to my day is like dew upon a rose flower
Don't bother giving me a hug
Just ******* a kiss and see me fly without wings
My home is no more my home
For now I realise it is filled with boredom and darkness
Beneath the layers of your heart
Deep down where only God resides
Make me a bed
For my home is your heart.
olajide ojedokun Aug 2015
Elections have come and gone
And we've all said baba
Praying within the confines of our heart that we've not enthroned another usurper
Hoping that joy and comfort will not once more elude our grasp
Our taste bud has long been wetted by empty reforms and unfulfilled promises
By the politivians, judisharers and the legislooters Parading the runway of power
Displaying their naivity in running a nation in a manner so amazing and discomforting
It makes the thought of paradise less appealing
But now
The rulers are leaving the scene for the leaders to come in
And the people are getting more conscious of the power we wield in unity
We've gathered our brooms and we've entrusted it in your hands
Believing that you'll lay the foundation of a better nation
Baba now that you are there
Let the focus on the food we eat be more important than that our vehicles consume
Baba now that you're there
Let the national cake be the lot of every citizen and not selected elites locking around the corridors of power
Baba now that you're there
Let me be proud to die for my country
Without being fearful of how my family will survive
Baba now that you're there
Let me be able to display my identity in another land without fear of interrogation or prejudice
Baba now that you're there
Let progress, excellence and success be the right of every citizen regardless of their tribe, religion or background
Baba now that you're there
Let there be change.
#change #Nigeria
olajide ojedokun Aug 2015
Hit me on the head with a barton
May be it will wake me up from this unending nightmare
or send me on a one way ticket to eternity
Either of the two I will be at peace at last
I know my dream is my cross but sometimes it feels like my curse
I look at it and it looks like the most precious treasure in the world sometimes
But other times I feel like it is making a fool of me
How is it possible that the world isn't seeing what I'm seeing
Or perhaps I'm the one not seeing what they're seeing
My heart is as heavy as a rock
My head is running round and round in circles
I thought I had it figured out
Guess life isn't ready to give in
but days like this aren't new to man or life
It's just one of those days I feel betrayed by my dream
Tomorrow will come and it will bring a new hope
So keep your barton
Cos I already got up.
I'm a human thermostater, just wanted the world to know.
olajide ojedokun Jun 2015
Like gaius julius caeser
I've burnt the ship that brought me to this gaul  
Willing to fail determined to scale
But I won't give up
I am a start upper
I see opportunities where you see difficulties
I see possibilities where you see negativity
I am a start upper
I believe I can fly
as high as the mountains beneath the sky
I believe I can stand
Stand the test of time cos my resilience isn't built to die
I am a start upper
I've dived into the ocean of uncertainty without care and I defeat my fears
I go through hell without fear and I conquered the devil
I am a start upper
I pitch to the gods and they marvel in awe
I open my mind and the world is stunned
I am a start upper
I won't rest till I get the best
I won't stand down till I reach the top
I am a start upper
I've ****** the breast of Richard Branson
Lived in the world of Steve Jobs
Tasted the early days of Bill Gate
Felt the pains of Mark Zukerberg
I am a start upper
Beware of my goals cos I fear no foe
I'm a moving train
I blaze the trail
Fear my roar for I am a lion
I glow in the dark I am the light
I am start upper
I am the solution.
Many of us are entrepreneurs in our different field's, tech, music, fashion and many other industries. We take the bold step to do what the other person is too scared to do, though we know it might lead to misery and pain we don't care we just want to do it and we never give up till we accomplish our heart desire and bless humanity through it. So I write this poem in honour of everybody taking the non conventional path en rout success, seeking to do something different and trying to cause a change that will be of great impact to their society and the world at large.
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