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Aug 2015
Elections have come and gone
And we've all said baba
Praying within the confines of our heart that we've not enthroned another usurper
Hoping that joy and comfort will not once more elude our grasp
Our taste bud has long been wetted by empty reforms and unfulfilled promises
By the politivians, judisharers and the legislooters Parading the runway of power
Displaying their naivity in running a nation in a manner so amazing and discomforting
It makes the thought of paradise less appealing
But now
The rulers are leaving the scene for the leaders to come in
And the people are getting more conscious of the power we wield in unity
We've gathered our brooms and we've entrusted it in your hands
Believing that you'll lay the foundation of a better nation
Baba now that you are there
Let the focus on the food we eat be more important than that our vehicles consume
Baba now that you're there
Let the national cake be the lot of every citizen and not selected elites locking around the corridors of power
Baba now that you're there
Let me be proud to die for my country
Without being fearful of how my family will survive
Baba now that you're there
Let me be able to display my identity in another land without fear of interrogation or prejudice
Baba now that you're there
Let progress, excellence and success be the right of every citizen regardless of their tribe, religion or background
Baba now that you're there
Let there be change.
#change #Nigeria
olajide ojedokun
Written by
olajide ojedokun  Lagos, Nigeria
(Lagos, Nigeria)   
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