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Melancholic Dec 2019
Today I am down
The weather is cold
And depression fills my soul
The raindrops patter
On the void in my heart

Thoughts float past
But they do not remain
For when one is in this state
Nothing matters

Your memory floats above my soul
Haunting my grieving being
The good times seem out of reach

I wish I could go back
These are my last thoughts

As I plunge into the darkness
Today I really am feeling down
Melancholic Nov 2018
                                                            ­                                                I
                                                                ­                      C
                                         ­                A
Melancholic Nov 2018
I keep fighting my fate
And I always
This is reality, I'm not going to sugarcoat it
Melancholic Nov 2018
I'm happy
I'm depressed

I belong in this world
I feel worthless

You take the pain away
You're the reason I have this pain
Melancholic Nov 2018
I knew it was true
That you didn't feel the same way
But I dreamed that you did
And now I shall face the truth
When life hits you hard
Melancholic Nov 2018
It doesn't get better
You just learn to live with it
And accept that it has become a part of you
Melancholic Nov 2018
I'm so broken
That even poetry can't soothe my shattered heart
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