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Hope's loaded in the fruits of my tongue
And passed down to my soul like the rhythm of a song
On this I am made to be hung
My eyes can do no good but my mind
For those gleam hidden beside the cloud and behind

The heart alone can touch and caress
I can't see tomorrow yet I obsess
That it comes again to wake me from nightmare
Open up in my arms cause you always have a lot to spare
And as I ravel with arms full, you can only stare
Stoically all along till you whisper- see u again
But I earnestly utter- I hope! I see u again
You leave in majesty
You don't look like what you bring so you are finer than tragedy

Your glowing presence of the moment soon rest in history
Though like dry bones some day you will rise in victory
And again you shall unmask a mystery
Cause you go in circle
And again with this same face u shall return to justify the cycle

Seldom should I bask in that moment of glory
Where I maybe be upheld to affirm you with my story
For heroic is they that for many times you come they are there to witness
Heroes who are numb from circling fortune and distress
They tell and fortale you like a mistress

Is it sure fair to bask in this glorifying spotlight ?
Have you again and again in your colour of day and night?
For just today and my heart is heavy of plight
Save for your presence in the being of night
Where we taste the euphoria to part with you
If only it was our choice to make
Will I do what a lot will do
Or choose to wake
Welcome u again, again
Enjoy you and yours as short as you remain

— The End —