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M Sep 28
Paragraph to paragraph
Reading away from myself.
Drifting from what is needed
Swallowed into a useless realm.
"Mind, get me through the day, will you?
I promise to entertain your earthly bliss."
Yet the more I resist,
A thought surfaces—
How foolish of me
To not treat time a luxury!
So, I pick up my pen,
Bury my nose into the depths of the books
Find my little dream resting on its pages—
Waiting to be read, to be true.
M Apr 18
set me adrift
here and beyond
inevitable epilogue

the story is told
and silence, shared.
the night dissolves
dreams, aware.

twinkling galaxies,
damp pillows.
bed and soul.
  Jan 30 M
I write this poem
Because I have a question
A question I have been wanting to ask you
From the day that I met you

We talked and talked
Shared songs
Spoke about jobs
Read poems
Talked about school

We spoke with each other
Through messages
So I never got to know your voice
Your way of talking

You might see where I am going
So I'll ask it directly
Will you meet me
Over a cup of coffee?
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