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  Dec 2021 megem
I need not your words,
I need your presence,
bring symphony to thine verse,
let me touch your love
drip through me like light from early morning sun above
I am a wanderer lost in your smile,
lead me to your hearth  
show me where I can embrace you for I seek your warmth.
for you are my rest
and you are my waking.
there will never be a sensation like you,
forever none surpassing.
I wrote this poem inspired of people separated from their loved ones due to the pandemic and travel restrictions. May our love persist.
megem Sep 2021
Paragraph to paragraph
Reading away from myself.
Drifting from what is needed
Swallowed into a useless realm.
"Mind, get me through the day, will you?
I promise to entertain your earthly bliss."
Yet the more I resist,
A thought surfaces—
How foolish of me
To not think time a luxury!
So, I pick up my pen,
Bury my nose into the depths of the books
Find my little dream resting on its pages—
Waiting to be read, to be true.
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