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jat Jul 2017
call me a peach
ask me why do i stay so far
know about me
don't end it so abruptly

only you can lift my mood
in a second and also
drop it in less than a second
how scary it can be
that you control my emotions
so easily

i want to know your flaws
and accept how you are
or what you've become

you come knocking on my inbox
only when the moon is up
and left it open and hanging without
a good bye or good night

what happened to the 'x's
that ended the talk

do you still wonder how my day was
or creep on my profile
or do you even think about me
like i think about you everyday
and awaits for littlest message

no worries,
im scared too
jat Apr 2017
powerful but not in a aggressive way
little growth at a time, the stronger it becomes
its an electric, its an action, reaction
couple of hours to go, im feeling quite a ***
im waiting and expecting, a secret i am keeping
jat Apr 2017
most magical bean to be sprouting
three pairs of hands for existing
all i can think of is a blessing
in time to come it'll be kicking
on the digits, on the analogues
it's definitely narrowing
at the grandfather's,
it never stop ticking
jat Apr 2017
1 for you
tied to me not by choice, but a bind

2 minutes phone call
left me in a delirious state of mind

3 in line
a name i yell, i seek and find

4 months to go
rejoice, and a glass of wine

5, number of grace
the space that sits in between over time
the second time i'll be tearing up and for you this time
jat Apr 2017
repel, attract, reacts like no other
longing crawl to the deepest of the soul
from blood to blood, you're now a bearer
fused with a thread tied to our beating fist
a living sprout ill wholeheartedly water
he restores, supplies for what you lack
given the honour, im blessed with the colour
the first and the few, i am joyed for you.
my jiejie
jat Apr 2017
like my head it reflects and blows
so much to express, to clarify
but im avoidant and in constant denial
for what im about to shed off my mind
are nothing but thunderstorms
jat Dec 2016
oh jesus
you work in ways i do not see
in and through the ones i adore
"love the unloveable"
the second i fit myself in another's
i am truly undeserving or your love
but you still do, nevertheless
you pour your blessings unto me
so i could transmit the same
unto others
it is you i am blessed
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