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Renata Feb 2021
What is love
Where do i find it
I really think i found it
But then i get hurt
I cry and cry
I never fix anything
Im scared
Renata Feb 2021
Long time
I havent seen myself in a while
I forget how to smile
How to feel
The only thing i do know is pain
Sadness i dont feel that but i cry
But im not sad
I dont know how happiness feels
My girl makes me happy
But idk how to feel it
Ill find myself one day
Renata Jan 2020
Life is nothing
when it all comes to an end
there's no going back
we might think there's an afterlife
but what really happens when we die
maybe our eyes or the sense that we use goes to waste
and all we see is darkness
What happens to all the people that committed crimes
what is a crime how does “God” see it
but then there's another question is God real
is hell real
What if the life we are living is all a lie
what if we are set up like this
what is a sin?
is it being part of the LBGTQ+ community
is it still ****** if you help the death penalty
who chooses what the biggest crime is ?
we see terrible things happen every day and we don't do anything about it
why do we stand there and do nothing
what if we could do something to stop something bad from happening most people wouldn't care
but doesnt god say to treat everyone like your brother or sister
but at the end we all sin
where does death take us
why does death come too early
why does “ God” choose that
is “God” a sinner
Renata Nov 2019
well hello
well I went to school and there was a fight
and that was fun
my dad came to pick me up 2 hours late
I liked it I had some time to myself
then he started crying
that he hates my mom hurting me
and that he would do anything for me even leave my mom
that broke me
I don't want that
but sometimes I feel like that's for the best

(put your thoughts in the comments tell me how today was )
Renata Nov 2019
I cut today  
I saw my blood dripping
and i liked it ???
I don't want to seem crazy
but today broke me
my mom yelled at me all-day
and I just wanted to end my life
but instead, I watched my blood drip on the floor
I'm not dead
but I feel dead
Renata Nov 2019
asks me “are you okay”
What do I say…
I just want to die
I don't understand life
And I know that I'm dumb for saying
but no one loves me
I know that I might be someone someday but..
until that day
I'm just trash...
and I'll never be more than
that I understand that I **** up a lot
but that's part of life
I wish
I could be perfect so...
I could be the daughter that you wanted
I don't think that's possible
all you can do is wish
Renata Nov 2019
I know that you don't care about yourself
But please don't ever lose yourself
You have to fight for
What you believe in
Even if everyone is against it
It's not always your fault
Get that the **** out of your head
Please stop lying
Be straight to your self  
Be yourself
Even if people don't like it be you
Cause you are worth it
You might not see it right now
But trust me you are
The thought of losing myself makes
No sense in my head
Nobody gonna trust you like I trust you
nobody gonna love you like I do
I love you
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