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Michelle Apr 2020
i want to forget
every single day
i want to forget the way your hands felt upon my skin
i want to forget the bruises and scabs you left
when you only saw me as an object

I’d do anything to forget
Michelle Mar 2020
days full of thoughts
nights full of tears

i am not your type
now, i do not say that in a way where i feel superior
because that statement hurts
but i am not your type
So why are you still with me
when i am not like those who attract you

why do you stay
when all i do is bring baggage
why do you stay when all i bring are difficulties and obstacles
why do you stay when i do is bring sadness
why not find someone who’s happy?

no one has my attention the way you do
and it hurts feeling like you can’t say the same
but please tell me
i’m not what you want
and i’ll wish you the best and be on my way
i’m sorry i wasn’t enough
Michelle Mar 2020
the most beautiful eyes
                                                            ­are those that look at you with love
your eyes stopped shining ages ago
Michelle Mar 2020
In my dreams,
our story doesn't play out like this
the chapters are full of love and enchantment

In my dreams,
it's almost as if i can feel your touch
as if i can feel you with me
as if you never really left

In my dreams,
we get our happily ever after
our night at the ball
our romantic carriage ride

i don't think i want to wake up quite yet
a part of me wants to sleep forever
Michelle Mar 2020
I  want to see you happy,

genuinely happy,

joyful to your soul's extent,

even if it isn't with me.

I just want you to be happy.
Michelle Mar 2020
'Please, love me'
but, those words get caught in my throat

you deserve so much more,
so much better,
than these jagged pieces,
than these shards of what i used to be
in the end,
they will only cut you down
and you deserve better
Michelle Mar 2020
I hate you for all that are
For all that you’ve become
I hate the you that doesn’t care anymore
I hate the you that gave up on us
I hate that I can’t hate you at all

I hate that I always choose to see the best in you
I hate that I always defend you
Even when they’re right
I hate that I reject to see all the negative impacts you’ve made
I hate that I blind myself to who you are now
But I hate that I can’t hate you at all

I hate all the things you’ll never know you caused
All the nights I cried myself to sleep because I wasn’t enough for you
The days spent holding back tears because I was so scared of losing you
All the words written about you
All the hopes of us recovering because it feels like I’ve lost you
I hate that I can’t bring myself to hate you

I hate the days that go by that are full of dry conversations
I hate that I fight for those conversations
The ones you just brush off your shoulder
I hate the one-word answers and the nonchalant attitude you bring
I hate that I can’t hate you at all

I hate that this is just another thing to you
I hate that, even after, you said it wasn’t,
that’s all you portrayed it as
I hate that I’ll be seen as an option to you
I hate that your words can’t even change that anymore
I hate that I can’t hate you at all

I hate how empty your apologies have become
Hate how you can say you’re sorry,
But continue to do the same thing
And over,
And over again.
Do you not realize how much that hurts?
Can you not see the destruction you continue to cause?

I hate that I can’t hate you at all
Hate that I cannot bring myself to bury the love,
Even for a minute,
For a second.
I hate that I will forever see the you that I fell in love with,
While you see my flaws
Front and center.
I hate that I cannot,
Even for a second,
See the you that hurt me
I hate that I cannot hate you at all.
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