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Niles Heron Sep 2014
other times our
hands held each other like
reins hung from
low-swung sweet
chariots, her carry
always felt like
a home coming
Niles Heron Sep 2014
we spent every morning
sitting cross-legged
on her bedroom floor, watching
our trembling hands cradle,
and weep, and
try to learn how
to cut each other
from our jagged edges.
Niles Heron Sep 2014
please forgive my quiet.
I’ve been listening to God,
and men, and
trying to live down
each of my
days, my dreams
haven’t come ‘round
as often as nightmares have; it’s scary
when you can’t let go, and you
have more reasons to wake
up tomorrow than to
sleep tonight.
Niles Heron Sep 2014
“he reached for her leave(s) /
autumn wrapped ‘round his hands, and /
said she missed him, too”
Distance makes the heart grow roots and branches
Niles Heron Sep 2014
if you’d not jumped, you’d /

have never found that rocks are /

more feather than bone
Niles Heron Sep 2014
Have you ever
looked at a cliff,
or a ledge, or
a box-cutter, or a
car crash; a
set of lips getting ready to smile,
or a set of hands getting
ready to hold you,
and said…

I have to?
Niles Heron Sep 2014
"are you scared?"

"No, I  /

just sleep with all the lights on /

in case she comes home.
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