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Nikki I Mar 2011
Death is such an empty word;
Say it to yourself right now.


And the lives it takes;
The lives it leaves behind.


That's another empty word.
We never truly forget.

I will miss you.

Heaven is a nice word.
It brings a degree of comfort.
Nikki I Mar 2011
I know that I broke it
She said "Why'd you have to choke it?"
It was beautiful and strong
You were adding more as you went along
I know that I killed it
She said, "It wasn't he who stilled it"
It was so young and new
You were asking me what we should do
I know that I did this
She said, "Here's another thing you will miss"
It was raw and frightened
You were ready to help me be enlightened
I know that I burned you
She said, "No one ever turned on you"
It was slow and painful
You were trying to make it less shameful
I know what I did now
She said, "But you don't understand how"
It's weak, but alive
You were brave and you will thrive.
Nikki I Feb 2011
My cheeks are burning
hands freezing, shaking
My heart is beating
thumping, breaking
My mind is racing
jerking, crashing
My eyes are stinging
blurring, flashing
My body is tensing
straining, failing
My arms are reaching
grasping, flailing
My heart is beating
thumping, breaking.
Nikki I Dec 2010
Clouds are forming layers  
The sky is turning gray
Wind is dancing happily
The trees begin to sway

Creatures crawl inside
Fires stoked up to heat
Hatches battened down
Prayers said for the wheat

The ditches might flood
Roofing will be torn apart
But Idaho storms are lovely
Like a beautiful work of art.
Nikki I Nov 2010
You just keep running.

Feet crashing against the ground.

Lungs expanding, contracting.

Why are you so afraid of being found?

Your heart just keeps racing.

Beating inside your chest.

Onces, twice, again and again.

Have you been giving it your best?

You never stand still.

Weary limbs fall to pieces.

Hands cold and failing.

You're tearing at the creases.
Nikki I Nov 2010
I was gonna steal the sun for you
And then watch as it lit up your face
Its rays warming your entire body
Seeping into all of the frigid space

I was gonna steal the rain for you
And then watch as it made you smile
Its power overwhelming your mind
Dancing aimlessly mile after mile

I was gonna steal the snow for you
And then watch as it dusted your hair
Its crystals gently kissing your lips
Melting slightly and creating a glare

I was gonna steal the wind for you
And then watch as it helped you to fly
Its sudden gusts sending you higher
Traveling up and into the open sky

I was gonna steal the moon for you
And then watch as it sang you to sleep
Its soft beams wrapping you tightly
Cradling every dream in one big sweep.
Nikki I Nov 2010
If each of us was named
According to how we act
What would you be called
If your title was exact ?

How many Kind's, Cruel's
Liars, Lovers, and Takers
And could there be too many
Compassionate's and Faker's?

And what about the Honest
The Helpful and the Needy
How many Lonely souls
Would end up being Greedy?

Shy's and Charismatic's
Determined's and Apathetic's
They'd all be clearly labeled
Alongside Broken's and Poetic's

And who would you be?
Sweet, Nice, Mean or Sad?
Would you hide your name
Whether it was Good or Bad?
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