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Nicole Feb 2019
Life isn’t easy now, but it’s real.
Prayers take longer  now, but they’re full
Heart is in pieces now, but I’m breathing
Tears are streaming now, but life goes on

When life gives you hardship in a multitude of ways, on a variety of levels,

Just remember that you are STRONG.
God made you CAPABLE.
Be the warrior someone else NEEDS.
Thrive by EXAMPLE.
It’s easy to do well when all is well....but be a CHAMPION even on battlegrounds.
Nicole Nov 2018
My greatest love hasn’t found me yet.
But I know my greatest partner is out there. He’s ready to be held, appreciated, loved.

My greatest self hasn’t found me yet.
But I know my greatest version is out there. She’s ready to evolve, learn, shine.

My greatest adventure hasn’t found me yet.
But I know my greatest travel is out there.
Ready to experience, discover, explore.

My greatest achievement hasn’t happened yet.
But I know my greatest success is out there.
Waiting to help, nurture, change.

But I want you to know: My greatest life isn’t “out there”...

My greatest life is right here. It is happening every second of every day.

My greatest journey is filled with appreciation, love, learning, experiences, discoveries, change. It’s all these things that make this life - greatest.
Nicole Jul 2018
Let go.

Or be dragged.

Nicole Jul 2018
Truth is...they are who they have always been

Truth is...only time reveals real character

Truth mattered before, during, and after their presence in your life

Truth is...the only thing that is controllable is your attitude

The biggest truth?
God shuts doors on purpose

Have faith that when one door closes, something far greater is on the horizon
#truth #breakup #positivity #perspective #faith
Nicole Jan 2018
If you could only see what’s in front of you...

...rather than what’s behind you...

The world would be yours.

#newhorizons #lookbeyond
Nicole Dec 2017
A sunset stopped my mundane day.
When all the sudden I looked up and saw the sky as if God painted a masterpiece.

I felt soft breaths escaping my lips,

Blood rushed to my fingertips,
My nose tingling from the winter wind.
But my eyes were fixiated on the universe of orange, purple, pink.

God made this for me,
This moment.
Just for me.
And it’ll never come again.
I’m right here.
Right now.
And all my shortcomings are okay, somehow.

It’s like for a brief moment God put his hand on my shoulder.
No words.
Only his overwhelming presence.
That even when I feel lost, small, incredibly insignificant. Invisible.
In him I am found.

That sunset of colors is me.
A beautiful being.

I’ll never get that picture out of my head.
So thank you God for saving me.
In the little moments when I need your grace.
Nicole Dec 2017
When I met you I thought heaven fell to the earth.
And angels danced on my heart strings.
Each pulse is in perfect rhythm with the waves of your heart.
I’m lost and completely found in your atmosphere.


Praying for mercy, praying for grace.
That one day I’ll end up in your embrace.
What is in my head isn’t all fake.
That when I gaze in your eyes you see it too
Our hearts skip a beat from across the room.
A touch that electrifies an afternoon.
Maybe I’m not what you’ve loved before
But maybe that’s why God is also opening this door
So we can find the parts of another we’ve never explored
Praying God hasn’t given up on me
Given up on this wild ecstasy
That love is a moments glance away
So my heart holds onto a silver of hope
That maybe one day
One day.
Today will be the day.
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