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Dec 2015
I feel nothing
I see nothing
I smell nothing
It's like all feeling is gone

My heart is beating I think?
But it's all blury and cold

I try to stand up
But My body wont work

It's like im frozen to the earth
On my bed
With no where to go

I hear yelling
My mother voice is what im hearing
She saying my name over and over

I shut my eyes
I feel warm inside

So I open them
To see a fiery hell like place

I shut my eyes again
Hopping it's a bad dream

When I open my eyes
I find myself on my bed
With a pill bottle in my hand

I go downstires to see my mother on the phone
She was talking to him
The one that pushed me to this
Ok this really does **** Please tell me what you think
Written by
Nichole  my room
(my room)   
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