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nellie 5d
can i stop giving
your words meaning
those that are
but a slip of the tongue
it ******* angers me
how much
i think of you

nellie 5d
you are like an addiction
that i cannot beat
an affliction
at the core
when i speak
and think
of you
like a need
winning every time
and i lie
to those around

and take another hit
of you

nellie Oct 6
A Blasphemous insult
to road rages
gutted pigs
and pixie tricks lying
on the headboard
over my too-small bed.

i am malicious
in the way that i am so far
but so very
and out
of my head.

dangerous foreplay
numbing cigarette snubs of kitten licks
i pull and tug
at the cancerous death
of Life.

wicked ends of
nights begins
and your lips all over mine.
on repeat.
like a broken cassette until i lay
vomiting over
this projectile mess.

and i search for
words that could
describe this
. . .
lingo of broken down
who for god sings,
and screams,
and do not know.

God, they do not know.

they who have screamed,
for Adam and Eve
and lay wrapped in each others tongues.
noses bleeding,
eyes perceiving
what we all have been needing

its shrieking
cries of madness toppled onto
you have been searching for your whole

and the mind-numbing
that you inflict upon yourself
digging your fingers into your skin
searching for flesh
and possibly a soul within.

we are the knocked out
lie living
generation of drunks

losing ourselves
in what we call

welcome to these past weeks,.
nellie Oct 4
ive been two
ten - a billion people
and tonight i found out
i like guys

thought i liked guys,  was wrong but i . still do like the poem.
nellie Sep 25
feeling like i need to slit my wrists and just die
this loneliness is killing me
i just might
take the knife to my chest
rip my insides open and press
at my beating heart
yet im still depressed
thinking of her

and the sound of nothingness
is soothing
yet i need someone here with me

nellie Sep 22
I think Jealousy is a shameful feeling

A sacred pact made with
an unknown demon

A bitter resentment of a past

A mirrored messiah judging
all your thinking

Tuberculosis fit in the modern human


and body stained with a dark

Jealousy is a monsters making

Yet, perhaps,
the most Human of feelings

nellie Sep 18
Autumn colored leaves
The soft humming
of the busy streets.
The blooming wind
in its cold daze
making its way throughout your hair


My voice breaks
this scenic scene
forever grateful,
that you are here with me.

And though,
you turn your head
your eyes pierce
my whole being.

And then you look back
down at the ground,
the trees,
anywhere but me
until the day seizes to be.

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