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Negra Apr 2020
I hope your prayers for me to change
Turn into curses against your limits
I don't wish you pain
But I do wish you healing
Negra Apr 2020
I love hearing his voice in the background
Seeing the light on when I come home at night
I used to love hearing his moans
I still love hearing his moans
I hate hearing his moans
I wanna try again
But I always try again
Negra Apr 2020
I love you beyond me
Now that it’s over, my love is out of reach
So I’m fishing
Waiting to eat it up
Come inside me

Get ahold of yourself
It’s over
Negra Apr 2020
I don’t remember what it feels like to let you go
And now I’m here again.
It’s kind of familiar
Like a repressed memory.

The longing is straining,
As the let go grim reaper doesn’t knock anymore.
Instead grim got tired and bled through the walls
She says, it’s time to go.

She’s holding my hand
I’m mad and grip her with my nails
But I’m holding her too
It’s time to go.
Negra Apr 2020
I blew love into you.
It looks pretty
Things were healed in you
And now my lungs are left with no air

I didn’t take enough in
I have to leave for oxygen
I don’t want to go
This is my garden
My lips point to you
I blew love into you

If you share your fruits with someone else
I hope I’ll breathe with gratitude
I can’t love you on empty
But I love you
And I love me
So I leave
Negra Apr 2020
I don’t know how to be sad.
If I live with you, will you stay?
Sadness you’re an art
You want me to comfort you
I want to let you go.
Pain brought you.
The same will make you stay.
I can’t force you out
So I’ll get to know you neighbor.
Negra Apr 2020
i don’t want to stay cuz I’m afraid you’ll fall in love with someone else.
but i don’t remember what its like for my body to love you.
i know resentment. i know fear.
i know pain too well.
i know rejection even as you run towards me.
my arms plastered out like bricks
and I’m trying to fit you in
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