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Negra Apr 2020
my love is too big for you.
it’s no ones fault
it’s our blessing.
a challenge, to love myself
when your hands aren’t there to receive.
and an omen for you to see
how lovable you are.

we’re not for each other
but for this reason
we met each other
maybe we even loved each other
as we are called to love ourselves
Negra Apr 2020
I can’t wait till I’m attracted to who i want
For now,
I’m not
So I’ll use this time to tend to me
Fall in love with my potential and not theirs
All those messages I want to send you
Will be to me
Negra Apr 2020
why does the love linger
when they leave
where did they take my love
i don’t want you
but i want it back
for me

i want my love to plant in me
ill have a root system
a root system
a root system
Negra Apr 2020
Cord cutting with the same hand
I chose to love you with
I don’t know how to write like that
But you have to start somewhere

This feels violent
But love knows boundaries
Love knows piercing
Love is not separate from pain
Negra Apr 2020
i know i love you
cuz i forgive you
do i love me
when i forgive you
should i forgive you different
for me
redirecting my energy
Negra Apr 2020
Rage and patience
I teach my mother how to love me better
Negra Apr 2020
There’s things I wish you’d say to me
Or maybe I’m projecting
Even if this love never works out
I celebrate it
I celebrate my ability to see it.
It smells so good
Soft like papaya
I’ve never tasted you
But I’ve already tasted you
Or maybe I’ve tasted me loving you
I love you
I don’t know why
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