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sri nayana Jul 2
what is it?
flies up so high,
like it owns the sky,
making it's own kingdom,
and enjoying it's freedom,
spreading it's wings in the breeze,
i know what it is,
it's the free bird which owns the sky.
sri nayana Jul 1
The sun goes down,
the moon comes up,
the world becomes dark,
the sparks you see are the twinkling stars.

high in the sky,
bright as white,
in the bliss of solitude ,
the sparks you see the twinkling stars.

bigger than the sun,
brighter than it appears,
beautiful than it looks,
the sparks you see are the twinkling stars.
sri nayana Jun 30
it's in different colours,
it's about being you,
it makes you dance in glee,
it's something which makes you feel free.

depends on your mood,
depends on where you go,
depends on surroundings,
you find it on streets of new york.

it's where people go crazy,
it's where the world goes wild,
it's the thing that keeps on changing,
it's something which you think about every time.

made with fabric,
made with leather,
finished with a touch of glitter,
it's the fashion which makes you sweeter.
sri nayana Jun 30
when everything is taken,
when your attachments are all broken,
when you feel down,
my compassion will be there.

even in dark or bright,
even in day or night,
even in sorrow or glee,
my compassion will be there.

when anger comes in,
when the love has slipped,
when the tracks lead to endless nights,
my compassion will be there.

even in upsidedown world,
even in warm or cold,
even in depths or heights,
my compassion will be there.

— The End —