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Aaron Jul 2022
There will be no catharsis
what you wait on
when you keep hurting
like the sense of this ego

here there is no angel
in your lost heaven
where you love ideas

and when you were no longer a kid
you will seek pain as if it were love
and may then you be loved
so your cold blood will know
for how alone has been, the broken god along

for never will your soul to those
who never had it to lose
be as it is to those
who better could have known
Aaron Mar 2022
blank black book
Aaron Mar 2022
Cause **** got me terrified
Seeing mannequins
At the price of sanity
I wasnt there when you called home
I am not failing this year
In a skyscrapper condiminium
Time passes
Writting in synapses
Of ocd slashes
Glass, brick walls shatters
Epitome of all that life is
Hit the ***** funnybone
When rolling hashish
Aaron Feb 2022
It was ever only for freaks geeks and tweakers
for hyper borderlines to decypher,
when alone he is times and times he listens to these rhymes

streets ahead

Forgive the gimmick that was becoming so good
Like some things you never trully owned
Best tricks you pull are the ones you sold

Greatest thing I ever felt felt so ******* cold
Aaron Dec 2021
dark side we cant phantom most land mass is over under tetonic movements must be the most random but the ground comes up and water surrounds them
Aaron Dec 2021
remember our rooftops
cities sink into the sea
the color green
do you remember when
we sold our dream
Aaron Mar 2021
perplex  rend   concept
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