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Aaron Feb 2021
sweat off brow cold stroll
wind glass futures transit in clouds
roam some more
yea prolly brought on a storm
Aaron Nov 2020
Tribal danvce
Technological advance
Aaron Oct 2020
Paradigm shift
Got a world to lift
Sunrise far east
Aaron Oct 2020
Fight for night
Mornings sunlight he might
Find clarity
In fractaling sights
Photons trough glass
Fragments dispersing
Pursue, or persist
For how in late night
It could exist
Aaron Oct 2020
Everything exists
And nothing is real
Limbos in vacant doors
Portals in thin place within space
Simulated textures
Within your brain's atrophy
Mind made a body rot
I'll see you in hell
Your dexterity
to keep moving from shadows
Sun burns your wings
Its soon
Remember what you saw,
Unlikely it seemed
Aliens got you
Time ago
Missed a beat
Aaron Oct 2020
I ask you the same,
you come to this ruin at dawn
Connected occurrences,
backlit alleys
a black light town,

Your paranoia set,
eyes of infra red
met the ultra violet
holograms in parting glass
neon mardi gras

Psylocibin spoke
you couldn't archive hallucinations
all the while
upper west side
about ready for the next slide

— The End —