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Natalie Haikey Sep 2017
Because He Told Me

He loved the way my eyes shine
But why didn’t he come and see them
One last time
Why didn’t he come and remind me  
How much he cared
I would’ve listened,
helped him carry the weight he bared.

To think I’ll never see that smile again,
that I’ll never hear his jokes,
or sweet compliments
I’ll never forget the way he held me tight
He’d whisper sweet things
He always told me “Everything will be alright”
In that moment, everything was
I remember his hugs, ever so gentle
It’s all such a fuzz
The memories we shared will soon fade
I can’t begin to fathom that
All the things we did, were just memories we made.

Remembering him is something I’ll do with pride
My eyes will forever twinkle with tears.

For the boy who told me
He loved the way my eyes shine.
I wrote this in memory of my boyfriend who committed suicide 3 years ago today... Always going to be a rough thing to deal with but writing makes it easier.

— The End —