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Natasha Lea Oct 2015
We haven't tried it,
Which is why we fear it.
We can't have a taste and see if we want it.
We can't spit it out if we decide we don't like it.
"It's alright to die cause deaths the only thing you haven't tried"
- Ed Sheeran
Natasha Lea Oct 2015
He helps his friends,
In the department of love.
He flies around,
With wings like a dove.
People depend on his aim,
And they depend on cupid's game.

Day and night he shoots his arrows,
To see love, lust and passion.
All around him there is romance,
Yet no one shows him compassion.
For Cupid is the god of love,
But he is only ever a single dove.

He helps those most dearest to him,
But to help himself would be a sin.
He watches love unfold everyday,
And for him that is the only way.
Natasha Lea Apr 2015
Time is a measurement,
It restricts us from living.
They say right now is called the present because it is a present to us,
And yet we watch the clock instead of being adventurous.
Live the life you want, however you want and don't let time get in the way.
Live in the now, every single second is special.
Don't waste them worrying about whether you have time.
Live for right now, not tomorrow, not yesterday. Live in the moment.
Natasha Lea Apr 2015
When bad things happens,
And you're down in the dumps.
You are given another chance,
A chance to Begin Again.

A chance to start over, in a completely different place,
With different people and new experiences.
A chance at a new life, a better life.

Make your dreams come true,
And when that bad thing comes back.
Don't get sad,
Just smile and walk away.
The things I think of when I'm half asleep :)
Natasha Lea Apr 2015
Roller coasters have ups and they have downs,
They get you excited and scared.
They spin you around and make you dizzy,
Some are so fast you'd miss it if you blinked.

Your thoughts get jumbled,
You may even scream.
They leave you breathless,
So different from what you may have dreamed.

Roller coasters have the same qualities as love,
The only difference, they don't break your heart.
Natasha Lea Dec 2014
Would you have stayed,
If I had asked you.
Instead of arguing,
And telling you to go.

I would have waited for you,
If you had told me you were coming back.
You said you needed time,
But after a while I gave up waiting.
Natasha Lea Dec 2014
As we sit with our friends,
Our group, squad, gang.
We share everything in our lives,
From drunken mistakes to where we'll hang.
We get shouted at for being too loud,
We get kicked out of the library.
But it doesn't matter because we are proud,
To know the people sat around us.
Everyone has their own group names,
Sometimes you have no say in choosing.
But I wouldn't change our name for anything,
Because we find it amusing.

We are the Shepherds Of Honour.
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