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natalie Dec 2013
if one day i decide to walk away please dont ask me to stay.
Dont tell me everythings going to be ok,
dont tell me you love me,
dont tell me im crazy.

Dont be sad, just look away.
dont pray, just let the memory of me fade away.

please just move on,
dont listen to our song.

dont ever for once blame yourself,
I am a grenade.

just let my essense fade,
im long gone.

I was never yours to keep,
a wise man once said you know its yours when you lose it and it comes back.

but im not coming back,
i lack the strength,
to own up to my mistakes.

I cant even stand to look at your face,
even though in the end of this hamartia we call love,
I will always adore you..

the only thing left to say is,
im sorry for leaving you in such dismay,
but youll be ok.

lesson learned,
this is why you never fall sad writers like me,
we always walk away leaving you in pain,
then end up writing about the shame
Nov 2013 · 1.9k
natalie Nov 2013
what is wrong with society?

children are crying.
teens are dying.
drug overdoses, suicides.
they cant make up their minds.

smoking dope
they have no hope.

knives are no longer used for food,
now used as  an escape from your mood

dudes are getting nudes.
girls are getting exposed,
there getting called hoes.

she's 8 and crying,
her sisters upstairs dying
not physically but mentally

bullies, insecurities.
all caused by what?
you can be hated, sedated
depressed , stressed, or even  messed.

but in society,
you're only accepted if your well dressed, pretty,
powerful, or successful.

no one will ever care unless you're pretty or dead .
and that's the truth everything that must be said has been said and done.

— The End —