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 Nov 2013 natalie
In a world full of people
Why do i feel so alone.
Nothing no longer feels like home.

maybe its because i am empty,
without you here.

i miss you to much,
you had a clutch on my heart.
since you've left,
im torn apart.

with every image of you in my mind,
im dying.

im trying to forget you and youre stupid face.
your stupid ways,all you ever did was play.

but hey all you ever were was a heartbreaking player,
and thats all you will  ever be.

but a part of me still loves you,
and always will.
 Nov 2013 natalie
im giving up
 Nov 2013 natalie
Im drowning deeper and deeper in a dark place,
drifting further and further away from everyone and everything,
god this isnt fun.

where am i?
why am i here?
Im filled with fear.

slowly getting dragged deeper and deeper,
its so hard to breathe in this place.

Trying to get my last glimpse of light,trying to hard to whin this fight.
im loosing it,im loosing grip,

my eyes start to close,
no more luck,
im giving up.
 Nov 2013 natalie
Its not that you're afraid of the dark, its that you're afraid of whats in it.

You're not afraid of soceity,you're afraid of rejection.

You're not afraid of looking in the mirror, you're just afraid of what you'll see.

You're not afraid of falling, you're just afraid to get hurt
You're not afraid to love him, you're just afraid of not being loved back

...and that is the reality of fear.

— The End —