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gabriela Mar 2016
the stars show their admiration for the earth by falling (in love)
gabriela Feb 2016
and we will kiss the moonlight
and we will rattle the stars
the beauty we have long craved will forever be ours
we will ignite our bones
we will let our blood flow race
to distract our hearts from love's lost embrace
gabriela Jan 2016
my heart is already beating for you, you don't have to beat it to death for me
heartache or some thing like that
gabriela Jan 2016
the glowing in your eyes rewrites history
gabriela Jan 2016
in a room of silence
their heartbeats softly resonate
a timbre of gold
gabriela Nov 2015
o walking fire, o deathly flame
a curved bow and arrow, born to aim
let soaring arrows kiss warm skin; let them pierce cold hearts
let crimson red blood splatter all over the canvas; o my perfect art

— The End —