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Imotional Oct 2016
Anger comes and goes sometimes it stays.

It's annoying at first then fades away.

Just like the rainy days

in the middle of August.
  Oct 2016 Imotional
gray rain
Your bright blue eyes
that I can't help but look at.

When you pretend to fight me
I can't help but laugh.

I'd rather talk to you
even if I barely say a word.

Just one question
do you like girls?
This should be the last thing I'm thinking about.
Imotional Sep 2016
If you hate gay people why the **** have you talked about them every day of school so far.

Saying things like 'if people start accepting gay and transgendered people
in a few years ******* animals will be made legal.

And if someone asks you why it's disgusting? You say 'because it is' but what's actually disgusting is stopping people being who they are!

No matter what gender or who they're attracted to as long as it's consensual
which animals can't consent so is unlikely to become habitual.

Go educate yourself before you hate.
ignorance doesn't give you an advantage.
This guy at my school thinks that because being LGBTQ is more accepted that ******* will be next. So basically said ******* is equally as wrong as being gay or transgender. It's not the first time he has said things like this and it's disgusting. This started because my friend was reading a speech I wrote for English supporting gay rights. This guy is not my friend he was just sat near us.
Imotional Aug 2016
I get exam results tomorrow
and my friend just told me he loves me;
I don't know what to do
Imotional Jul 2016
It seems like all my memories are shut behind your door

And even those aren't very strong
Imotional Jul 2016
I miss the discoloured white walls
And the smell of cigarette smoke
And that wooden, black door
That can't be answered no more
  Jul 2016 Imotional
gray rain
I sleep in the morning
and wakeup at night.
There seems to be nothing wrong
but something's not quite right.

'Cause the sun's not out
when I'm awake
and it's presence
is not for me to take.

The darkness takes
the light away
but I've never met the light
because my night is my day.
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