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mrp3rs0nality Nov 2010

This is something tht I didn't have to have
I guess u can say I'm a victim of my swag
And whts tht u ask well thts my personality
The qualities and characteristics tht makes me 

Anywhere I go I leave w/ at least one friend
Humor w/ a little sarcasm who can contend  
The key to this is to stay ahead of the next man
See things happen before they happen w/o pretend
Which means u have to keep it real 
Be ready for wht ever but still remain chill 

Add all these factors up and thts not even a quarter of me
Even tho I'm giving u the blueprint equaling me is something u will never be  

You see people wait to see wht I'm going to wear 
Which makes it hard not to notice when people stare
But I don't care cause I give people inspiration 
The females sweating me w/o the perspiration 

And it's  amazing how some women hang on ur every word 
No matter how rude, obnoxious or absurd U will still be heard
I mean in all actuality a **** is wht they want 
Y'all embrace them inconsiderate ******* types ladies don't front

But on the inside to project this persona brings about alot of pressure
With ur preconceived notion of who I am w/me left to measure

So u can actually say tht I'm being me for you 
Even though u believe all my qualities to be unique and true
Because to be honest u put me before you

In an attempt to negate your own low self esteem 
Whether it be an acquaintance or a small association You make it bigger than it seems 
Placing me in undeserved high regards
Feeling tht I possess the best hand when you hold the trump card

You see this is just a brief look at the other side of the fence 
And even though it may be hard for me to convince
It because of ur interest tht my popularity exist

             By: @mr_p3rs0nality
@mr_p3rs0nality 11/29/10
mrp3rs0nality Nov 2010
My women: 

As I lay here and stare at the ceiling 
I can't help but to get this feelin
To display some sort of affection 
To the mirror image of perfection 
That lay beside me tht I call my queen

Queen u might ask ? 
Well that cuz she deserve it! 
I mean she endured it better yet ignored it
Frivolous mind games and *******   
I tried to pull off 
And to wht cost when all tht was lost was the trust she had built up from a foundation 
When there was no wrong answer to the (U + ME = "US") equation 

Then there was the separation 
where we both flirted w/different temptations
Moving aimlessly w/o a particular path
Actions not adding up even when using the simplest math
U see cuz we added selfishness and stubbornness 
Then subtracted the forgiveness 
Multiplied by the bitterness 
Which left us divided due to the pettiness 

Well when all thts factored out wht will be the solution 
Could this relationship be restored  or is  tht just an illusion
With all the problems we have already endured 
Can this disease called "Being Apart" be cured 
U know b/c I don't know if u may have heard but I have really matured and I will not be ignored

I Stood my ground I let out an sigh of relief 
Not knowing her reaction I began to tremble like a leaf
She came close and looked me square in my eye 
As she began to speak her voice quivered as if she was going to cry

"Y can't I get rid of u" -"It's b/c of U the reason why I act the way I do"

"But my love for u can fill an ocean 
The affection we share fuels my devotion" 

"I'm under a spell and u are the potion 
But don't write this off as going through the motions 
When I am bubbling over w/emotions"

"So don't use are fondest memories as a tool to continue being cruel with the end result of me standing there being your fool or even worst the subject of ridicule" 

As she explained her point of view I couldn't help but to think 
How I could just let something go as quick as an eye can blink
But her love for me out weighed all the bad 
And it was sad cuz whenever I did things to make her mad all I could do in response was say my bad. 
Why am I so lucky to have her in possession and do I really deserve this angel of mine? - is the real question 
But I learned my lesson
Matter of fact I have a confession
I feel like you in my life is a blessing 
How this relationship has endured the ups and downs was really something 
And sooner than you think matrimony is comin but for now it's pleasure having u as My Women

                By: @mr_p3rsonality
mrp3rs0nality Nov 2010

I've notice u b4 walking my way 
With Plenty attempts 4 me to say hey 
But my reluctance always seems to let u get away
Who r u really -it's a mystery to me 
Ur Beauty and gracefulness is all I c 

I often look in the mirror to practice my conversation
U know a brief introduction a bit of charm and a little persuasion 
 Wht Eva the occasion ur always dress the part
I know a women like u have broken many hearts
Where do I start when I do get ur attention 
Should I voie my good qualities or share my intentions
And that is only to insure u be treated like the goddess u r 
Do I have to possess a significant income jewelry or a fancy car
Well thts just something u would have to c for urself
Come b a part of this voyage me & u no one else
****** Cupid ur a muthafucka got me all tangled in my emotions sounding like a sucka 
But *** it I can't keep this feeling inside 
Got to lay it all out on the table -I got nothing hide 

Wht qualities make u boo -is my question to u 
I mean who r u really and wht r u into
It's like a riddle w/no answers a mystery w/no clue
And at the end of the day I'm gonna be me and ur gonna be you 

But all this information I just keep inside
And it is because of tht reason why I write this scribe 
To gain ur attention I have had many occasions
But when ur near it's like my mind go on vacation 
So with tht being said u keep me in amazement 
And until I build up my courage just consider this an INFATUATION 

                By: @mr_p3rs0nality

— The End —