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Mortuus Odio May 2014
It's been a long time
Six months now has it not
I thought we agreed to never see each other again
But skeletons in the closet don't smell to great after a while
And your the corpse always in plain sight
So why not greet each other one more time
After all your the reason I'm still here
Every scar you gave me made me stronger
Now here I am talking to you like a stranger
Your my trusted side kick
The vault I always threw my secrets in
My last resort when I'm feeling down
My dear friend its been a while
Now you're all rusty
Collecting dust in the corner as you wilt away
Flowers bloom and flowers decay
But my love for you against my skin
Will never decay
Now my old friend dance across my wrist once again
Cleanse yourself in the rain your dance made
Hello my friend
It has been a long time indeed
It's nice to meet your friendship again
I missed you
Now help me clean out my closet
I have a story to tell you of my adventures
While in your noticeable absence
Mortuus Odio Mar 2014
Drip drop
One tear two tear
Drip drop
One puddle two puddle
This **** is getting old
Tears falling on the inside of my face
Too shy to show their face
Yet the reopened scars on my wrist
Dance nakedly in public
Drip drop
My tears drip
Into the depths of my throat
The feelings all but pleasant
Choaking and coughing
Of every one that pelts my trachea
Drip drop
My blood drops
Creating puddle after puddle
I'm afraid to even look at my feet
Because I know their all overflowing
They say blood is thicker than water
Yet they dance so elegantly together
When their the ones that are drowning me
All because I'm afraid you'll say its my time to go
Pack up my **** and hit the road
Drip drop
It's kind of annoying
I'm glad I only have a few seconds left
Till the facet in my veins and tear ducts
Finally close themselves
Or the water company realizes I'm not paying the bill
I don't know what's up with depressing poems all of a sudden
Mortuus Odio Mar 2014
It was before me
Yelling no screaming blood curdling wails
I should have never done it
I should have never walked hand in hand with my heart
It's too small
We never see eye to eye
Always on the opposite side of the train tracks
I'm the fool not my heart
I was the idiot stupid enough to think
This relationship would ever go anywhere
Was I ready?
Why did I try?
My mother was right
I am a pathtetic excuse of life
A waste of talent
A rotting corpse of emotions
Left deaf dumb blind and lost in this grave
Wondering when the sky will decide to fall
And show me
Show the world
I was always the fool
My heart was the one I blamed
I'm too weak to continue fighting
Yet I'm still clutching this sword
Like I know I'll win
Would I be the fool to let go and die
Let the anger decapitate me
Or would I be a fool
For not forgiving my own stupidity
Say I'm sorry
Hope you'll still love me the same
I know I'm the fool not my heart
But what should I think with
When both my heart and mind know
We'll both end up getting hurt
Should I think with my ****
Say I love you only when I'm trying to get in your pants
Should I think random
Start talking about the stars and say I love you out of nowhere
Should I think without thinking
Shut the **** up and be the pet
I don't want to be the fool anymore
I don't want to be domesticated
When I'll always have the instinct to hunt
The pain I feel in my chest
Every time we argue
With the razorblade you wish I would get rid of
I'm the fool not my heart
So when you break up with me
Don't target my heart
I'm the one responisble for all of this
Take aim at my forehead
My heart has seen the worst
It has the most scars
So this time I'll make my body and mind
Take the blunt force of your punches
I'm the fool
Always was and always will be
Not my heart
Never was
I told you I didn't deserve your love and I'll understand if we break up, I ****** up, I know I hurt you.
Mortuus Odio Mar 2014
All I remember was a bang
A flash but no pain
I remember the feel of the hollow barrel
Stuffed in my mouth
The discomfort of the seat
And how far the trigger seemed
Now I'm here
Finally able to grasp deaths hand
Yet my hand she refuses to take
Like a ******* she requires money
The ferry wont leave this dock
Till I pay the toll
Yet I have no money in my empty pockets
I only have the hearts and souls
Of every tear that fell when my funeral began
When the last black rose fell 6 feet
When the last petal wilted away
I can't pay deaths toll
With the limbs and intestines
Of every skeleton in my closet
I can't pay deaths toll
With the smell of my scattered brains
Still painting the corner of my room
My empty pockets can't pay death's toll
So I guess I'm off to living
The life I was never meant to live
**** it was just a dream
I'm making sure
I have money in my pockets
Or at least the still beating heart
Of my angels voice
Always wishing me goodnight
Just before I dream of never paying deaths toll
Bored still testing at school ***** so I ventured off to HP
Mortuus Odio Mar 2014
I've walked paths paved centuries ago
Walked hand in hand with demons without a name
Talked with voices without a tongue
Yet I still find myself
Lost amongst the blind
Vision not failing
Only the lights that are diming
I should have been sent to heaven
There the true torture I've expected will begin
This is home
Am I living in Hell
Or is this still Life
The very one I've been trying to run away from
I don't know
I really don't care
I'll just smoke another blunt
Listen to the voices slowly get louder
And hope they pass out just before I do
So I can hear that one angelic voice wish me goodnight
Mortuus Odio Mar 2014
I've never been somebody
Worthy of recognition
Worthy of saying I achieved something
It's not like I want to write this poem
Yet its the only thing on my mind
It's not really complicated
I'm just misunderstood
Left to be insane
With the voices only growing louder
Maybe I'm somebody
Somebody truly losing my sanity
Mortuus Odio Mar 2014
Have you ever watched an hourglass
Drip grain after grain
Telling you the seconds that tick by
In doing so I found myself with a new phrase
Slowly emptying into my mind
One grain falls, the lies begin to pile
The moment I asked you
Will you be my Valentine year round
Those sands of time
To our loves imminent demise
Began to pelt and pile at the bottom
Like the lies I told you of me never leaving
Of me always going to be there
I'm partially human
Yet that doesn't make me super
Baby I don't even know
If you can understand this metaphor
But when the sands empty from the top
I'll flip it over again
I'll never let our time together end
I'll be honest with you
Ask me anything I'll tell you the truth
I don't have any secrets
But this very one
I want to be your first for everything
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